3. Moisturize

To be completely honest with you all, I can be pretty lazy when it comes to moisturizing. Sometimes after a nice long hot and steamy shower, I just want to slip my clothes on and go. I don’t like the thought of taking an extra 5 minutes out of my day to moisturize my body. Can you say impatient?

I learned the hard way that not moisturizing is a bad idea during the summer when I noticed my legs didn’t glow like I wanted them to. Instead of being lazy, I decided to pick out a body butter to put on my skin. After using it, I noticed it had improved my skin immensely. I find butters to be a little more hydrating for the skin, but I also know that there are people that use regular lotions and creams to help keep them moisturized, which is perfectly fine. Make sure you get what works best for you!

Create the Perfect Shower Routine
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