How to Stop Your Skin from Chafing ...


How to Stop Your Skin from Chafing ...
How to Stop Your Skin from Chafing ...

Skin chafing is no fun and you’d probably just as rather avoid it than worry about what to do when it has already happened. Chafing occurs when skin rubs against other skin, leaving it raw and painful. Many women get chafing on their inner thighs or upper arms, often during exercise. You definitely aren’t doomed to it though, and don’t have to give up your workout. Try one of these handy tricks to help stop chafing and you’ll be so much happier!

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Use Alum or Talcum Powder to the Places That Chafe

When your skin gets moist or wet, the risk of chafing is much higher. Keeping your skin dry is the best way to keep it from driving you crazy. Sprinkle alum or talcum powder in areas that tend to chafe and it will help soak up the moisture and keep wetness from causing your skin to rub. You can find both types of powder at any drugstore so there’s no excuse not to give it a try today.


Wear Moisture Wicking Clothes

If chafing tends to bother you the most when you exercise, make sure you are wearing moisture wicking clothing. Synthetic fibers and cotton hold on to sweat and wearing wet clothes causes chafing in a big way. Make sure that you wear shorts, pants and tops that wick wetness so that you can work out in comfort. Easy, right?


Lubricate Spots That Chafe

The trick to stopping chafing is to make sure that skin that rubs against other skin isn’t putting up any resistance. By applying a lubricant, such as petroleum jelly, your skin will glide over itself and you seriously cut the risk of chafing. Lanolin is another great option if you experience chafing on your chest or between your legs. You can find either product at any drugstore and it won’t even cost you that much.


Try Chafing Garments

Several geniuses have created cute garments that give your look style, but also reduce chafing. One example is Bandalettes, which look like cute garters, but actually keep your thighs from rubbing together. There are several other similar items on store shelves so you can keep on looking fab, without having to suffer with chafing as a result. What more could a girl want?


Wear Boxer Briefs under Your Clothes

If thigh chafing is your biggest problem, a nice fitted pair of boxer briefs is the miracle you’ve been looking for. As long as they fit you right, they shouldn’t show under your clothing, unless it’s really tight. The cloth extends down your inner thighs, offering the protection you crave. You may have to buy a men’s product since women’s underwear is often minimal in design.


Slide Antiperspirant on Your Chafing Spots

Because moisture is one of the biggest contributors to chafing, keeping it from happening in the first place is an easy step for keeping chafing at bay. Use a good powerful antiperspirant in areas prone to chafing and you can keep sweat from leading to the problem in the first place. Use a clear product to keep it from transferring to your clothes or being super obvious.


Buy Yourself Some Chafing Relief Gel or Powder

If you’ve already got a bit of chafing, this product will help keep it from getting any worse and will keep you comfy while current chafing clears up. This product is often available on the family planning aisle at the drugstore.

Where do you chafe the most? What’s your go-to solution for stopping it?

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So please before you give out information do some research first thank you.

Or you could put deodorant where ever you have chafing and it works like magic

"I just got information from a health seminar that I would like to share. The leading cause of breast cancer is the use of antiperspirant. Yes, ANTIPERSPIRANT. Most of the products out there are an anti-perspirant/deodorant combination so go home and check your labels." The email went on to explain how antiperspirant prevents the body from "purging toxins," which, when trapped, find their way into the lymph nodes, where they concentrate and contribute to the cellular changes that lead to cancer. Meanwhile, on the Web, several sites featured stories about a supposed link between antiperspirants and Alzheimer's disease.

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