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7 Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Stretch Marks for Self Conscious Girls ...

By Neecey

Some women don't mind their stretch marks. It might be because they are proud of having given birth or having lost a significant amount of weight. Others would prefer their body without them. If you'd like to make your stretch marks less visible or want them to go away altogether, there are some things you can try/do.

1 Makeup

Makeup One of the easy ways to hide stretch marks is by using makeup. If you want to cover up your stretch marks and regain some confidence that you might have lost, then there are a number of different foundation type makeup products that will do the temporary job in a really effective way. You can find products in a wide range of colors and in a wide range of prices, so this is an option that is available to absolutely everyone.

2 On the Shelf Products

On the Shelf Products There are plenty of products that you can buy right off the shelf at your local pharmacy that can help with reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Rather than cover up the marks like foundation type makeup, these products are designed to react with your skin to actually fade the differently coloured skin that makes up the stretch marks. Of course, your rate of success will depend on the price that you are willing to pay, so going for the cheapest option might not always be best.

3 Over the Counter Products

Over the Counter Products If you want to go a little more intensive than the simple off the shelf products, then you can always consult with the pharmacist and see if he can recommend any products that are kept behind the counter. A number of different over the counter products can be bought that actually stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin, meaning that your stretch marks will be encouraged to improve up to 20% better than what you would achieve with on the shelf products.

4 Vascular Lasers

clothing, swimwear, supermodel, underpants, thigh, If a cosmetic procedure is something that you might consider, then one of the most common is a vascular laser, which is particularly effective in the early stages of stretch marks. The procedure involves delivering light energy to the affected areas to stimulate the skin and begin a restorative healing process to reduce the stretch marks.

5 Skin Peel

clothing, swimwear, sun tanning, leg, thigh, If the thought of lasers scares you, then you can always try a simple skin peel. It is recommended that you go for at least three to four treatments before you see any meaningful change to your stretch marks. Once the treatment begins to work, you can expect to see a vast improvement.

6 Dermapen

hair, clothing, image, swimwear, human positions, Also known as collagen induction therapy, this treatment involves a micro-needling procedure that works to activate a cascade of fibroblasts that releases growth hormones, which help to encourage the production of new skin. This boosted skin productivity will work to reduce your stretch marks.

7 Strawberry Laser Stretch Mark Treatment

clothing, leg, thigh, lingerie, long hair, If you have some cash to burn, then at $150 a session, this laser treatment is about as good as it gets! The procedure claims to reduce stretch marks by up to 80%, and involves a deep exfoliation followed by laser paddles applied directly to your stretch mark affected areas. Eight treatments are recommended to fully complete the process, so you better start saving up!

Please tell us how you feel about your stretch marks. Do they bother you or do you not worry about them?

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