Girls with Blotchy Skin Should Follow These 7 Tips ...

Splotchy skin isn’t something any girl wants to deal with. It doesn’t look good, but it doesn’t always feel that great either. If you look in the mirror and see those blotches, it’s time for you to take action to get rid of the issue before it ruins the day. Experts suggest using the following tips and tricks to get rid of blotchy skin once and for all.

1. Slow down on the Exfoliating Routine

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Exfoliating is great for your skin, but you can’t do it too often or you’ll suffer the consequences. Experts say that you should exfoliate at least once a week. If you do it too often you could leave your skin rubbed irritated and raw, which can translate into blotchy skin. Try scaling back on your exfoliation routine and you might see your blotchiness going away.

2. Use Ice after Your Workout

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There’s no excuse for not getting in a good workout every day, but when your heart rate increases, you could wind up looking splotchy. You don’t have to put up with it though. When you finish your exercise session, gently rub an ice cube over your splotchy skin and you should see the problem going away pretty quickly. A spritz of rose water is about as effective.

3. Red Wine Could Be the Culprit

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When you sip red wine it causes the blood vessels in your face to expand, which could be the cause of your blotchy skin. You don’t have to give up your nightly cocktail though. Try having white wine instead to help counteract the issue. If you can’t give up the merlot, try sipping water between glasses to help keep the issue at bay.

4. Stop Using Such Harsh Soap

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If you wash your face with soap that is too harsh or contains a lot of chemicals, it can strip your skin and leave it defenseless against things that cause splotchiness. That’s why today is the day you should switch to mild and more natural soap products. They will be gentler on your skin and will still leave your skin clean and fresh.

5. Fragranced Products Are a No-No

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Using products that contain a fragrance can lead to blotchy skin. The simple solution is to use products that don’t contain a scent. That sounds simple enough, but you are going to have to read labels carefully to be sure you are avoiding the ones that contain fragrance. The ingredients that give a product its smell can be irritating, which is why they cause splotches. Stop using them and your problem is solved.

6. You Don’t Wear Sunscreen on a Daily Basis

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You know that you have to wear sunscreen every day, right? When you don’t you can get too much sun on your face, which leads to redness, which can also turn up as splotchiness. The experts suggest wearing SPF 30 every single day to help protect your skin and keep it clear and smooth.

7. Are You Super Stressed out?

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Sometimes stress can make itself known by causing blotchy skin so it pays to make sure you are taking care of yourself on a regular basis. If you have a high stress job or kids or money problems, make it a point to engage in stress relief techniques. Try yoga, aromatherapy or a warm bath to help control your stress.

Which of these will you try first? What causes your blotchy skin?

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