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8 Helpful Skin Care Tips for Lazy Girls ...

By Lisa

Skin care tips are always appreciated but for lazy girls like me who like to make things as easy as possible, a complicated skin care routine just doesn’t cut it! If you strive to have healthy skin but don’t have the time or patience to commit to a complex routine, check out these simple skin care tips and solutions to keep your skin happy and healthy minus the fuss!

1 Clean

Cleaning out your skin care products is one of the most important skin caret tips I can give you. You’re probably wondering what cleaning has to do with skin care, right? Well, the truth of the matter is we often own way more skin care products than we actually use and why overwhelm ourselves with too many options? Clean out your bathroom and get rid of products you don’t use or are no longer good.

2 Drink

A fairly common skin care tip that we hear is to drink plenty of water to keep skin clear. While that is true, we can also imbibe some juices that are great for our skin and health! Pick up a pressed juice at your health food store or make your own. Check out the recipe for Gwyneth Paltrow’s fave green juice here or check out some of the juice recipes on AWS for more ideas!

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3 Sleep

Getting enough sleep is also at the top of the list of easy skin care tips and staying in tip top shape! There are countless reasons for us to get enough sleep each night and one of the best reasons is to snooze is to allow our skin cells to turnover and to avoid getting those dreaded bags and dark circles. To get good, quality sleep, keep stimulants like caffeine and TV to a minimum before you hit the hay.

4 Protect

Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun should also be a priority in skin care! Wear sunscreen daily and don’t forget to don your shades for more protection! If you forget to put on sunscreen, try out a moisturizer or makeup with SPF built in so you never leave the house without protection!

5 Exfoliate

Is exfoliating part of your current skin care routine or is just another step that you prefer to skip? Skin care expert Renee Rouleau suggests that we lazy girls double our scrub as a cleanser! She explains that many scrubs have a creamy base that contains cleansing features so we can skip the extra step of using an exfoliator and a cleanser!

6 Moisturize

Most skin types benefit from using a moisturizer and if it’s not already part of your skin care regimen, you might want to consider adding it. Regardless of your skin type, there are lots of factors like the environment and indoor heating/coolers that can deplete moisture and a moisturizer would do a world of good in those cases! Look for multi-tasking moisturizers that help hydrate, nourish and contain anti-aging properties that will do double duty!

7 Cleanse

Regardless of how busy or lazy you are, you can’t forget to wash your face! Even if you don’t wear makeup, your skin goes through a lot during the day and it does get dirty so no one gets a free pass on this one! Keep your complexion clear and beautiful by cleansing your skin at least once a day and thoroughly washing all traces of makeup off.

8 Treat

Another key tip in easy skin care is to treat your skin with anti-aging products. You don’t have to go and invest in a bunch of expensive products but at the minimum you’ll want to get a good eye cream. Delicate skin like the eye area is prone to getting fine lines from squinting or sleeping on your side so it’s important to treat it early!

No matter how busy we get or how lethargic we feel, use these simple skin care tips to keep skin lovely and vivacious! We can obviously do a lot more for our skin but these 8 basic yet beneficial tips can help keep any lazy girl looking good! Do you consider yourself to be a lazy girl when it comes to skin care? Do you have any skin care tips for lazy girls?

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