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7 Oddest Ingredients in Skin Care Products ...

By Lisa

If you ever taken a look at the list of ingredients in skin care products, you’ve probably noticed that there are some pretty oddball things listed. And I’m not talking about the chemicals; there are some pretty wackadoodle ingredients in skin care products that are beneficial to your skin! If you’re curious about some of the more bizarre ingredients lurking in our skin care products, check out the list below!

1 Seaweed

If you ask me, when we think of ingredients in skin care products, seaweed is the last thing that comes to mind. When I think of seaweed I‘m thinking of sushi rolls and miso soup so I was totally surprised to see it in my moisturizer! Come to find out, seaweed is not only super healthy to consume but it also benefits the skin by improving suppleness and elasticity and helps moisturize the skin!

2 Placenta

Ugh, are you as creeped out by this next skin care ingredient as I am? Apparently there are skin care creams out there that contain placenta-the organ that connects the baby to the uterine wall of the mother. Why? Well it’s said to contain tons of protein and hormones that are great for reducing wrinkles and promoting tissue growth and it’s FDA-approved!

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3 Caviar

Normally when we think of caviar, visions of the rich and famous pop into our mind but it’s actually much more than just overpriced fish eggs. Caviar is used in anti-aging skin care products because they stimulate skin regeneration and contain lots of protein and vitamins to help your skin glow! Although it’s pricey, there are lots of skin creams containing caviar so it might be more affordable to apply it to your skin rather than eat it!

4 Snail Secretions

Skin care products claim to do a lot of things so maybe that’s why they use such crazy ingredients in skin care products?! Word is that secretions from snails have been used in skin care products for quite a few years for their ability to regenerate and repair skin from burns and acne. It’s been lauded as a totally natural ingredient that replaces the common chemicals in skin care-you can’t get any more natural than that!

5 Nightingale Droppings

One of the strangest beauty treatments I had ever heard of was the Japanese nightingale dropping mask. This facial treatment is said to help you achieve the porcelain complexion of a geisha. And many geishas swore by the bird poop mask to deep clean and whiten skin. The urea in the bird poop is said to provide tons of moisturizing and cell exfoliating benefits to leave you with soft, supple skin.

6 Whale Vomit

This skin care ingredients is getting stranger as we go along, right? Well, what if I told you that your skin care product or perfumes could contain whale vomit?! Yup, whale vomit or ambergris is commonly used in perfumes and could be used to fragrance skin care products due to its ability to reduce the rate of evaporation in fragrances!

7 Semen

No, I’m not kidding and you read that correctly, semen is a skin care ingredient! Semen contains a potent antioxidant called spermine that works great as a moisturizer and is said to be 30 times stronger than vitamin E to heal sunburns and keep skin healthy. Bull semen is touted as being a shine enhancer for hair also so maybe there’s something to this crazy ingredient!

I’m all for trying out new skin care products and this list of the strangest skin care ingredients is definitely reserved for the brave and daring! Have you ever tried any skin care products or treatments with any of these wacky ingredients? Would you ever try any of them?!

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