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8 Quick Tips on How to Soothe Dry Skin ...

By Lisa

Whether you have seasonal dry skin issues or experience it all year round, we can all learn how to soothe dry skin! It can be a result of a variety of things but I think we can all agree that fall and winter is the worst time for sensitive and parched skin! Take a peek at these 8 quick tips on how you can calm your dry skin during the colder temperature and save your skin!

Table of contents:

  1. Wear gloves
  2. Cool it down
  3. Handle with care
  4. Humidify yourself
  5. Exfoliate
  6. Oil change
  7. Rethink hand sanitizers
  8. Don’t let the bugs bite

1 Wear Gloves

An easy dry skin tip that you can incorporate into your everyday life is to wear gloves. Donning some rubber gloves while you wash dishes or clean up can protect your hands from all the irritants that you handle while you’re doing some dirty work. You can also wear cotton gloves to bed after you lotion-up to help seal in the moisture!

2 Cool It down

Learning how to soothe dry skin also involves making some changes to your daily routine. When you’re taking showers or baths, cool it down and enjoy a nice warm bath or shower instead of washing in hot water. Washing up in hot water can dry out your skin (it’s not good for your hair either) or make already dry skin even worse. So your best bet is to keep your bath or shower time quick and warm!

3 Handle with Care

While it’s important to frequently moisturize dry skin, it’s also important to be very gentle with your skin as well. Tell those harsh soaps and abrasive scrubs to pound sand because your skin needs tender loving care! Always use mild skin care products designed for sensitive skin and avoid scrubbing and being rough on your delicate skin, it will thank you for it!

4 Humidify Yourself

A humidifier is a great tool to have on hand when you’re thinking about how to soothe dry skin. Using a humidifier can put moisture back in the air of your home and help counteract the drying effects of heaters or dry climates. Humidifiers are also great for relieving itchy, dry eyes, dry lips and scratchy throats so it could be well worth the investment!

5 Exfoliate

Exfoliating is not just a great dry skin tip but it should be essential to your skin care routine also. I mentioned earlier that we should be gentle on skin but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t exfoliate our skin. We don’t have to be rough in order to properly exfoliate; we can get rid of dead skin cells by gently scrubbing. Old, dead skin could be stealing all the moisture from the healthy skin beneath it so be sure to slough it all off and moisturize!

6 Oil Change

Ever think about moisturizing dry skin from the inside? Talk to your doctor about supplementing your healthy diet with fish and flaxseed oils. These oils contain essential fatty acids that can help protect your skin from the ravages of the environment and help keep skin hydrated so consider adding these oils to your dry skin care arsenal!

7 Rethink Hand Sanitizers

You might not think hand sanitizers have much to do with how to soothe dry skin but frequently using alcohol-based hand sanitizers can zap your skin of moisture. If you’re a frequent user of hand sanitizers, look for products made for dry or sensitive skin or formulated with a moisturizer like Gold Bond. This way you can keep hands clean without worrying about drying out skin!

8 Don’t Let the Bugs Bite

This dry skin tip isn’t just a childhood adage; there really are microscopic mites that can be living in our homes that can be the cause of irritated skin. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology reported that dust mites are a common irritant and cause inflammation in the skin. Avoid these pesky bugs by regularly vacuuming floors and carpets and washing your sheets in hot water (over 130 degrees Farenheit) weekly.

These dry skin tips on how to soothe dry skin might not seem like they’d make a big difference but every little bit helps! Remember that all these changes can take some time to work but you will definitely see and feel a difference over time. And if you find that conventional dry skin tips aren’t working for you, be sure to check in with your doctor for more intensive care. Do you have any dry skin tips?

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