8 Winter Skin Care Tips ...


With the winter well under way, I thought a great way to kick off the start of the season is with some fabulous winter skin care tips! We might not always realize it, but with each season comes changes in the weather that can affect the condition of our skin. Let’s start this season with some helpful winter skin care tips so your skin gets the extra TLC it needs during the colder months ahead!

1. Swap Formulas

During the season of low temperature and windy weather, our skin can actually get damaged by the ravages of the environment. We lose moisture and the outer layer of our skin can be stripped, causing itchy, dry skin. One of the ways to fight the cold air is to change the formula of your skin care products. If you use a foam cleanser, switch to a cream or gel cleanser. Also, skin care products that come in a jar are typically thicker, which is ideal for soothing dry, winter skin!

Moisturize Air
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