5 Important Summer Skincare Tips for Women Who Want Beautiful Youthful Skin ...


5 Important Summer Skincare Tips for Women Who Want Beautiful Youthful Skin ...
5 Important Summer Skincare Tips for Women Who Want Beautiful Youthful Skin ...

We are officially into summer (or if you're in Vegas like me, it's BEEN here, aka 116 degrees today...)! This comes with great weather, but also some potential danger for our skin, and I'm not just talking about sunburn! Dark spots, wrinkles, dryness; All of these things can be results of increased sun exposure and high heat. Follow these few important steps to help protect your skin from the harsh summer weather and have the most beautiful, youthful skin you deserve!

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Moisture starts from within! Since most of us won't be able to drink a gallon a day which is recommended (yeah, that's a lot of water), try to just keep a water bottle by your side at all times. Hydration also occurs with your moisturizer. Start using an "intense nourishing" moisturizer at night. Grab a sheet mask or two that hydrates skin for additional night moisture, and relaxation!



Let's go ahead and get this one out of the way. Even if you won't be exposed to the sun for very long periods of time, sunscreen is important! Since I don't enjoy having a white tint on my face, I typically choose to use a day moisturizer with SPF, in addition to foundation with SPF! Double duty coverage to ensure safe skin!



These are actually more important than you think! Protecting your eyes from the sun protects you from those nasty crows feet! Since you don't typically put moisturizers and sunscreen around your eyes, they need a little extra protection.



None of your deep hydrating moisturizers, toners or masks can penetrate your skin barrier if there are dead skin cells blocking entry. Gently exfoliate your skin 1 or 2 times a week to ensure fresh and clean skin prepped and ready for moisture!



Maracuja Oil is BY FAR my go to product in my daily routine, but is extremely important in the summer. I have combination skin and it is super dry around the smile lines. Applying the oil ensures deeper hydration in my skin. I put a bit of this over my entire face after a day out on the strip or sitting by the pool to make sure my skin isn't overly dry!


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