Quick Tips for Healthy Skin for Girls Wanting a Glow ...

By Alisha

Quick Tips for Healthy Skin for Girls Wanting a Glow ...

Fed up with looking in the mirror and seeing new spots appear daily? Here are a few quick tips for healthy skin that are going to change the way you look.

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shoulder, headgear, summer, girl, shorts, You'll hear it thousands of times but you're going to hear it again now. Drink water. Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to a healthy complexion. Drinking water also prevents your lips from being chapped so often. Can you see why this tops the list of best tips for healthy skin?



eyebrow, skin, beauty, chin, forehead, Another one you would have heard. We can all get a bit lazy sometimes and after a night out wipe down our face quickly with a wipe. But that can do more harm than good. When removing makeup with a wipe, concentrate on your face before your eye area. By rubbing the wipe all over you'll be dragging black mascara and eyeliner into the pores of your skin which may lead to blackheads.After using a face wipe, wash your face with a facial cleanser, or if you're feeling lazy just get a toner and some cotton wool and wipe of any excess. You'll be shocked at how much makeup is left on your face still.



sitting, human hair color, beauty, blond, lady, Personally I've found that being in the sun actually reduces the amount of spots on my face. Not only does sunshine give you a glowing complexion, but also gives you your dose of vitamin D. But make sure you wear sunscreen.



eyebrow, lip, beauty, cheek, lipstick, I've found that when I'm sitting at the table, I'll sit with my head in my hands. Or I'll lay down with my face resting on the palm of my hand. Or I'll end up rubbing my face if I'm tired. Touching your face is the last thing you want to be doing if you want clearer skin. By touching your face you're transferring any dirt or bacteria you may have on your hands to the pores of your skin.



eyebrow, face, eyelash, beauty, cheek, This may sound absolutely ridiculous but I had blotchy red skin every now and then and only realized recently that it was because I was actually allergic to kiwi. So if you find your skin getting blotchy and red or you get slight rashes or itching, it may be a good idea to go for an allergy test.

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eyebrow, beauty, human hair color, chin, black hair, Leading on from the kiwi situation, make sure you're eating your 5 a day. Your body needs the vitamins contained in fruit and veggies to function properly. And antioxidants in these foods are vital to a healthy complexion. Whether you stick them in a blender and make a smoothie or eat them in a salad, make sure you consume plenty of them.

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