DIY Home Remedies for Girls Who Want Glowing Skin Overnight ...


DIY Home Remedies for Girls Who Want Glowing Skin Overnight ...
DIY Home Remedies for Girls Who Want Glowing Skin Overnight ...

So you want your skin to be glowing when you wake up in the morning? I’m right there with you! It turns out that it isn’t that hard to get just that. There are several really easy things you can be doing before you go to bed so that when you wake up, your skin is fresh and glowing just the way you want it. Want to see if it works for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know to get the results you crave.

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Make Sure You Take Your Make-up off Every Single Night

clothing, blond, hair, person, woman, When you sleep in your make-up, you set yourself up for breakouts and blemishes that interfere with the glowing look you want. Preventing that is as easy as removing your products before you hit the sack. A simple swipe with a facial wipe is all it takes to get your face clean, but you should really be using a cleanser that removes dirt, debris and products for the cleanest skin possible.


Try Applying a Sleeping Pack before Bed

hair, person, black hair, fetish model, document, A sleeping pack is specially designed to absorb into your face while you are asleep, infusing your skin with important nutrients it needs to stay healthy and glowing. You simply wash your face, then apply the sleeping pack in upward strokes. Once it’s massaged into your skin, then you just go to bed and let it do its magic. When you get up, wash and rinse and you’re good to go.


Massage Some Low-Fat Milk into Your Skin

hair, blond, hairstyle, bangs, black hair, This works similarly to a sleeping mask. Use a small amount of low-fat milk and gently massage it into your facial skin. Once it’s rubbed in, sleep on it. When you get up, wash and rinse. Make sure to use just a very thin layer of the milk or you’ll never get it to absorb.


Use One of the New Skin Oils You’ve Been Seeing

person, blond, model, photography, black hair, These skin oils are designed to pump your skin full of moisture and nutrients that leave it glowing in no time. All you have to do is massage the oil directly into your skin before you go to bed, then cleanse and rinse when you get up in the morning. Skin oils are so easy to use and you will love how they make your skin look.


Exfoliate Your Face on a Regular Basis

clothing, blond, person, hair, model, Exfoliating your skin helps clear pores and remove all the grime and products that tend to build up. You don’t have to exfoliate every day, but you should do so a couple of times each week to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Use an exfoliating cleanser or an exfoliation product. Either one works just as well.


Use Moisturizer Designed for Your Skin Type Every Night

hair, person, hairstyle, model, black hair, When you skip the moisturizer, your skin pays for it by looking dry and dull. On the other hand, if you make it a habit to apply moisturizer before bed, you make sure to keep your face hydrated and glowing. Your best bet is an anti-wrinkle moisturizer because it also helps keep your skin young and glowing, no matter your age.


Drink Lots of Water during the Day and before Bed

blond, person, hair, facial expression, woman, Your skin needs water to stay glowing and smooth. If you’re skimping on your water intake, you could be experiencing dry and lifeless skin. Bumping up how much you guzzle during the day can leave you with glowing skin in no time. Make sure you’re getting enough during the day, but chug a glass before bed too. Not so much that you wake up needing a bathroom break in the middle of the night, but enough to keep you hydrated until morning.

What do you do to make your skin glow? Do you think you’ll try any of these ideas?

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Good tips

Natural cocoa butter also works miracles on the skin

Olay regenerist luminous overnight mask work wonders for me

I also have very dry sensitive skin and I love jojoba and sweet almond oil. Jojoba is best for acne prone people, as it's the closest to the natural sebum your skin produces, and won't cause anymore acne. Sweet almond oil isn't as hydrating but it helps with spots, scars, discoloration, and dark circles. :)

Invest in a clarisonic.

Does #3 actually work?

Does the milk mask really work?

@Shanna Thanks for your share xo

Are those facial oils okay to use for kinda oily skin which is prone to breakouts? They sound lovely, and useful but I'm really unsure if I should or can..

Onto my face*

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