7 Tips to Remove and Prevent Sun Spots for Skin Conscious Girls ...


7 Tips to Remove and Prevent Sun Spots for Skin Conscious Girls ...
7 Tips to Remove and Prevent Sun Spots for Skin Conscious Girls ...

Sunspots are never something you want to see showing up on your skin, but it’s something that happens to most of us at some point in our lives. You may start noticing them as early as your twenties. Prevention is always the best choice and there are some tips here to help you with that. However, if sunspots are already showing up, there are things you can do to minimize their appearance.

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Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

If you don’t want sunspots, or you don’t want more sunspots than you already have, then this is the solution. Sunscreen is the number one way to prevent them. It’s something we actually need to wear every day. Most of us make the mistake of not wearing sunscreen unless we’re outside an extended amount of time, but 15-20 minutes here and there add up. Make it a goal to be vigilant with sunscreen.


Don’t Forget Sunglasses and Hats

Know where sunspots often show up first? Around your eyes and forehead. Sunglasses and hats are great to help keep those areas protected from sun damage. Choosing oversized sunglasses isn’t only fashionable; it’s a good choice of protection against the sun. Taking care of your skin now means it’ll look youthful years from now.


Choose a Moisturizer with SPF

A great way to make sure you’re always protected from the sun is to choose a moisturizer with SPF in it. An SPF of at least 15 is what you want to aim for. Mine has SPF of 30 and I’m happy with the extra sun protection. Wearing moisturizer with SPF won’t only prevent sunspots but also other signs of aging, such as wrinkles. There are many varieties of moisturizer you can choose from, from drugstore to high end skincare products.


Take Your Vitamins

This is pretty new information, at least to me. Taking certain vitamins can help your body be protected against the sun. Vitamins C and E are especially helpful in this aspect. Vitamin C can help your sunscreen work better and slow the process of aging. Vitamin E helps minimize the damage of UV rays.


Try Brightening Skincare Products

There are many brightening skincare products on the market now, from serums to moisturizers. Mary Kay has an entire line of products devoted to this. They all have the words “even complexion” within their name. Aveeno also has a line of skin brightening products. They’re formulated with soy, which has been proven to help fade spots and even out your skin tone.


Treat Them like a Scar

There’s some evidence that treating your sunspots like a scar can minimize their appearance. You can break open a Vitamin E capsule and massage the oil directly onto your sunspots. Mederma is a product that’s been formulated especially to reduce scars and may work on sunspots, too. With both options, it’s a combination of moisturizing ingredients and massage working together. It’s worth a try.


See Your Dermatologist

If sunspots are a big deal to you then it’s a good idea to see your dermatologist. They can offer you more options than you can find in over the counter products. They can also make sure that none of the sun damage you have is dangerous. It’s a good idea for everyone to visit their dermatologist once a year for a skin checkup. You can have a yearly checkup and address your sunspots, too.

These are 7 ways to handle sunspots. Do you have sunspots? How do you handle them?

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