7 Tips for Skin Care in Your Teens ...


7 Tips for Skin Care in Your Teens ...
7 Tips for Skin Care in Your Teens ...

There is one reason alone I wouldn’t want to ever be a teenager again — the skin problems! Well, that and the fact that teenage boys are so… weird… but let’s talk about skin, not boys! The freckles, the acne, the dry spots… what’s a teen to do? Well, having lived through it once, I do have some tips to share. Here are 7 tips for skin care in your teens…

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Don’t Pick

In spite of what your bestie swears to, picking your skin won’t help it clear up any faster, and in fact may spread pimples (yuck) and leave scars (double yuck!). Resist the temptation to squeeze and pick acne, or truly, you could end up making it much, much worse. Instead, wash your face in the morning and at night with a gentle face wash, or just warm water, and use an on-the-spot acne treatment once a day. Most individual blemishes will heal themselves in two or three days, so be patient, and don’t pick!


Don’t Overdo It

If you’re suffering from a break-out, you’ll be tempted to blast your skin with every acne treatment in the drugstore, but don’t! you’ll over-dry your skin, which, in turn, may make your acne worse. Again, try something gentle, with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, and see what works best for your skin. Try to only use one or two products at a time to figure out what your skin will respond to.


Watch Your Diet

When I was a teenager, I practically lived on chips and soda… and my poor skin paid the price! All that greasy food and carbonated soda kept me in perpetual break-out mode for months. During a week when I stayed with an elderly aunt who didn’t buy junk food, lo and behold, my skin cleared up. Thanks, Aunt Jenny!


Use Sunblock

Nowadays we all know that too much exposure to the sun may look good, but it’s deadly harmful to your skin. Even one sunburn in your life can greatly increase the likelihood you’ll develop skin cancer, so really, you do need to use sunblock, and use it properly. It’s simple. Every time you’re outside, use sunscreen, and follow the directions on the back of the bottle to make sure you’re using it right!


Look at Your Female Relatives for Cues

Chances are, any skin issues you’re having, your older female relatives have dealt with it, too.

I know you hate to ask your mother for advice, but trust me, she might have some insight on this one thing alone.


Wash before Bed Each Night

It’s terribly hard on your skin to sleep with make-up on each night, so every night before bed, make sure you wash your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, or just with warm water on a washcloth. In fact, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing a lot of make-up even during the day, since most of it can clog pores, causing more acne.


Get Professional Help!

If your skin just isn’t responding to the treatments you’re using, you might want to get professional help by visiting a dermatologist, or even just talking to your family doctor. There are prescription topical treatments and pills you can take that might work, but you’ll have to talk to your doc to get them.

See? A pre-dance pimple doesn’t have to be the end of the world… follow these teen skin care tips and you’ll have beautiful skin at least until you’re done with high school! My complexion definitely improved once I realized I was over-drying it with too much benzoyl peroxide… so that tip was helpful! How do you keep your skin gorgeous? Do you have any other tips to share?

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