10 New Ways to Achieve Healthy Looking Skin ...


10 New Ways to Achieve Healthy Looking Skin ...
10 New Ways to Achieve Healthy Looking Skin ...

Healthy Looking Skin is important to think about no matter what your age. Everybody would to have a healthy skin that is blemish free and free from sun damage and age lines. And every time we embark on a new beauty regime, we promise ourselves that this time, it’s going to be different, and we are going to follow through and have regular facials and look after our brand new healthy looking skins, and use these new very expensive products we have just burst the budget on. But then, we find ourselves back in the same old rut, with very little results and a whole lot of time and money wasted, and with not so healthy skin. But the beauty industry is constantly changing and new technologies provide us with opportunities to get the best results by spending the least amount of time and money doing so. Working out which ones are the best to use is the tricky part, so here is a compilation of the best 10 New Ways To Achieve Healthy Looking Skin.

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Instant Result Facials

In the past, a professional facial in a beauty salon was hailed as the only way to achieve a healthy looking skin. Those who were not able to afford the flashy salon prices, experimented with products at home, failing miserably and getting sticky creams and scrubs all over our towels and bathroom floors. But the latest in holistic skin therapy are the new instant result facials. By using pressurised oxygen the facial process pumps the best anti-oxidant serums into the skin, full of vitamins and green tea extract, resulting in an instant healthy looking skin.


Instant result facials are the latest in holistic skin therapy and provide an effective way to achieve healthy looking skin without the need to go to a beauty salon. The process uses pressurised oxygen to pump anti-oxidant serums into the skin, including vitamins and green tea extract. The result is an instant healthy looking skin with no mess or fuss. Additionally, the serums used are designed to help nourish and protect the skin, as well as improving the skin's overall texture and tone. With regular use, this method can help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, while providing long-term benefits for the skin.


Turbo Boosting Cleansers

Long gone are the days of the gritty packet of quick cleanse wipes that lurk on the bottom of your handbag, accumulating crumbs and dust that is found there. Fast acting cleansers are power packed with natural active enzymes that literally blast congested skin areas and deep cleanse blocked pores. Look out for natural ingredients such as argan oil and assai fruit, which have huge doses of anti-oxidant agents.


The Heatlhy Skin Diet

Often we make the huge mistake of thinking that all healthy looking skin is attributed solely due the quality and brand of our moisturizer. That by adopting a fairly good skin care routine will be more than enough, and that the big cheese burger that we are wolfing down with a glass of diet coke, has nothing to do with it. In fact, your diet has everything to with it. The healthy looking skin diet includes omega rich foods such as oily fish, virgin olive oil, whole grains and soy products, plenty of water and fresh fruit and veg.


Gentle Active Skincare

There was once a time that those who suffered from a perpetuating problem skin could only find relief by forking out loads of hard earned money in an appointment with a Dermatologist, who then prescribed serious medication and medicated skin care products to deal with the situation. This is no longer the case, although the active ingredients are in much smaller doses, gentle actives are now available over the counter. Look out for ingredients such as retinal and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) in the products that you buy.


Hydration Masques

Like your body, once you realize your skin is dry, it is already dehydrated. What was once overlooked and blamed on the season or hormones, should no longer be neglected. Dry skin is one of healthy looking skins worst enemies, the longer you leave it, the more damage it will do, causing permanent ageing to cells. Pack on a water based hydration masque a couple of times a week, and make sure that it becomes a beauty regime staple from now on.


Remaining diligent with your skincare routine pays off, especially with a hydration masque. It delivers a concentrated burst of moisture and essential nutrients directly to your skin. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which retains an impressive amount of water, or soothing aloe vera to calm inflammation. Don't wait for signs of flakiness or tightness; be proactive to maintain that dewy, plump look. Consistency is key—integrate these masques into your skincare rituals, and observe your skin transform with a newfound radiance that speaks volumes of your inner health and vitality.


Getting Serious about Eye Cream

If you are over the age of 18, it is no longer acceptable to use your moisturizer, or even worse, your hand cream, as an eye cream. Even if you generally have healthy looking skin, the area around your eye area is extremely sensitive and one of the first places one starts to see neglect from a beauty regime. Eye gels and serums have specific extracts for the delicate eye area and do wonders for reducing the dark circles and crow’s feet.


Nourish and Layer

You can make major changes to your beauty regime by adding in a few extra products instead of replacing the entire range. By adding the a nourishing treatment oil to your regime, underneath your night cream, or on top of your day cream, will prevent the skin from losing much needed moisture during the day and will feed the skin while you sleep at night.


Steam before You Cleanse

Before you cleanse, pre-prep your skin by adding in a gentle steam session, to open the pores. You only need to fill a basin or the bathroom sink with hot water and add a few drops of essential oils, like lavender or rosemary, and lean over the basin with a damp cloth pressed to your skin. While you take a few deep breaths, the steam will work its magic and soften your skin, preparing it for cleansing.


Skin Rejuvenation While Sleeping

Your skin is doing most of its repair work while you sleep and while most of us think a day cream is sufficient, a night cream is jam packed full of extra nutrients that will help your skin look glowing when you wake up. Look out for restorative ingredients such as sage, orange, patchouli, and orange.


Night creams often contain specialized ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, and peptides to accelerate skin regeneration. These powerful components work synergistically to minimize fine lines and hydrate deeply, repairing daily damage. To enhance your beauty sleep, apply a cream tailored to your skin type – richer formulas for dry skin, and lighter ones if you tend to be oily. Remember to cleanse thoroughly before application, as this ensures optimal absorption. Sweet dreams truly can yield radiant mornings!


The Cardinal Rule of Sunscreen

There cannot be a more steadfast law about attaining healthy looking skin, without mentioning sunscreen. No matter where you live, what the weather is, or what season it is, adding small amounts of sunscreen to your moisturizer, will make a vast difference in delaying the ageing process. Don’t forget that you can burn badly in overcast weather too so, apply daily and don’t forget the neck area.

Whatever your beauty regime is, now is the time to pump it up and streamline it, use better products, and adopt new ways to healthy looking skin. Don’t overwhelm yourself with 20 different creams in your bathroom cupboard; you will end up not bothering at all, and those things aren't needed for healthy looking skin. Drink lots of water and treat yourself to a professional beauty treatment now and again, and don’t ever forget the sunscreen. Are you already using some of these New Ways to Achieve Healthy Looking Skin? How are you going to change your beauty regime in order to get a glowing complexion?

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