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Vacation season has already started and I’d like to use this time before you pack up and escape to remind you of some popular ways to repair sun damage. I don’t wish to bring you bad luck or anything, but you know how it usually goes – if you leave totally unprepared something is going to happen. So read these 8 ways to repair sun damage, prepare yourself and have a fabulous, carefree vacation!

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Use anti-inflammatory Products

Treating sunburns is a process that requires more than a day of resting and some yoghurt so once you get them make sure they don’t get any worse. Yes, that will spoil the next couple of days of sun tanning but I think healing old wounds comes first. Aloe Vera has some pretty amazing results so make sure you have a product containing this plant in your SOS kit. Now, I don’t want this to sound like an advertisement, but I’m a huge fan of Forever Living products that are either totally or partially based on Aloe Vera and really give great results.


Eliminate Redness

Yes, I know, going from Snow White to bronzed Caribbean beauty isn’t the easiest thing in the world so if your face tends to turn red and you know it has nothing to do with sunburns, try anti-redness creams. Blood vessels in your face are pretty sensitive and prolonged sun exposure causes them to break which, of course, creates that undesired redness. Everything will turn back to normal eventually but if you’re looking for fast ways to repair sun damage, anti-redness creams are your solution.


Hydration, Hydration

Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and use good, highly moisturizing body lotions – that’s the only way to help your body regain all that water that has been evaporating and evaporating during those long hours of baking. Collagen rich products are definitely something you’ll want to check out as sun tends to break down skin’s natural collagen and, once you’re done tanning, you’ll need all the extra collagen you can find.


Prescription Retin-a

It diminishes wrinkles, wipes away dark spots and helps skin regain its natural, pre-tan look in just a matter of days! I’m talking about the most popular and one of the most radical, although very effective ways to repair sun damage – Prescription Retin –A.



Experts suggest exfoliation as one of the best ways to repair sun damage! Yes, I know it sounds strange because every logical brain cell in my head says that a layer of dead skin cells offers sun protection for healthy skin underneath. Well… my logic is wrong. Dead cells need to go ASAP because the new, healthy skin needs to breathe in order to regenerate.


Green Tea

Green teas is like the magical revitalizing potion ladies, so make a lot of it, chill it and drink every time you feel thirsty. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is very rich in antioxidants and that’s just what your skin needs to become alive and shiny again after a vacation filled with merciless baking.



Speaking about ways to repair sun damage – did you know that foods such as blueberries, tomatoes and watermelons are not only tasty and perfect for the summer but good for your sun-damaged skin too? Yup, it’s true! What are you waiting for, then? Dig in!

Do have some of your own, special ways to repair sun damage, girls? I’ve never used any prescription medications so I’m not really sure about those but all of these other suggestions are a definite must-do.

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can u tell me how to better my already sun damaged and tanned skin? coz i got a occasion coming ahead and i need to look better. and my skin tone is not even either. the exposed areas areas are like people who work full time under the sun whilist the covered parts are as it should be. and the tips of yours are good, but can u help me mend my already damaged skin?

i m sorry, i forgot to mention my age in the previous comment, i m 14. so can u help in in mending my sundamaged skin?

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