7 Tips for Sensitive Skin ...


7 Tips for Sensitive Skin ...
7 Tips for Sensitive Skin ...

Are you ‘blessed’, like me, with a sensitive skin? Then you’ll know what a nightmare it is finding products that don’t cause a reaction, and how all sorts of things can cause your skin to flare up. Still, there are ways of dealing with the problem, and reducing the chances of a reaction. Try these tips for starters …

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Correct Products

You might look at a range of skincare products, and think that the orange blossom products smell lovely. Even so, if that isn’t made for sensitive skin, then don’t buy it. Always buy products for sensitive skin – there are so many ranges you’re bound to find one you like.



You may be reluctant to buy products in case you react to them and the purchase is wasted. A good way of testing out how a product suits your skin is to ask if samples are available. If so, you can try it out and buy the full-sized version if it suits you. You could also look for travel sizes.


Avoid Touching Face

One aspect of dealing with sensitive skin that is often overlooked is that we frequently touch our faces without realising. Why is this an issue? Well, we could be introducing substances that our sensitive face will react to (if I stroke my cats and then touch my eye, it puffs up).



Another option for sensitive skincare is to make your own. They won’t have the longevity of commercial products, but neither will they have the chemicals that may cause a reaction. Ingredients are easily available by mail order, and there are lots of books and recipes on the Internet.


Read Labels

If, like me, you have an actual allergy, then read the labels carefully. It may be a bore, but better to avoid a product that will cause an allergic reaction. Even if you are not allergic, just sensitive, and you suspect something triggers your sensitivity, then avoid it.


Clean Hands and Brushes

Taking your makeup off or giving yourself a facial? Wash your hands before you touch your face. Also make sure that you keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean, so that no irritants are transferred to your skin.


Use Gloves when Cleaning

This is another point that is overlooked by owners of sensitive skin. Cleaning products can be pretty strong, and are not good for our skin. So always use gloves when cleaning (you can also use homemade products but play it safe and still wear gloves).

I don’t know how many of us have sensitive skin, but since such problems seem to be on the rise, I hope that these tips will be of some use. If you have the same problem, what causes it – and are there any products you swear by?

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I often gift products I wish to use to my mom and sister and use a sample amount from them. If it suits me its fine if not they can try a new one. *Why I am not blessed with non-sensitive skin like them?*

Home-made products are definately best, and i avoid using pimple creams there too harsh, i just head off to the beach and it somehow gets rid of my pimples :D!

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