7 Ways to Get Perfect Skin ...


7 Ways to Get Perfect Skin ...
7 Ways to Get Perfect Skin ...

Having nice looking skin is a goal for many people. These 7 ways to get perfect skin are useful for both men and women, even though it seems that women are more concerned with how their skin looks than men are. Feel free to add your own tips for improving your skin. I don’t think there can be too many tips!

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Drink Lots of Water

Water is such a huge part of the human body. A lack of water causes the skin to look dry and gives people an overall haggard appearance. Drinking 8 cups of water isn’t as difficult as it seems. Remember that a cup is only 8 ounces, which isn’t much at all. People try to stick to 8 glasses of water and they choose the biggest cup in their cabinet. They spend more time running to the bathroom than anything else The body can only absorb so much at a time and the rest is turned into urine, so it isn’t necessary to guzzle 32 ounces every couple of hours.


Don’t Sleep with Makeup on

Makeup is an excellent substance for clogging pores and sleeping in it just allows all your pores to remain clogged for a longer period of time. Washing your face before bed time is highly recommended to reduce the number of outbreaks in acne. Clogged pores are basically what acne is. Sometimes acne outbursts are due to stress as well, so it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of some stress in your life as well.


Wash with a Moisturizing Soap

I find that using certain types of bar soap causes my skin to feel itchy as soon as I dry off. Using a moisturizing liquid soap seems to be more beneficial for my skin. There are quite a few brands of liquid bath soap that have those cool little oil beads in them that burst as you wash. I love those! They really do the trick on keeping my skin from feeling so dry and tight after I shower.


Use a Face Peel Twice a Week

I love how fresh my face feels after peeling off a chemical mask. These are a lot different than the masks that use clay or mud for the main ingredient. Clay and mud masks are great for reducing oil content in your skin, but the chemical peel is better for unclogging pores and getting rid of black heads. Eww.


Exfoliate at Least Once a Week

Whether you scrub with a loofah or use soap with pieces of pumice or walnut shells, exfoliating is a large part of having skin that seems to radiate healthiness. Scrub every part of your body too. Exfoliating isn’t only good for the face. I find that giving my legs a good scrub before shaving them makes them feel even softer afterwards.


Use Moisturizer

Apply facial moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 to reduce the damage sun can cause. Use a body moisturizer right after showering, so your body can better absorb it. Winter weather here is so dry that I find using an oil instead of a lotion keeps my skin feeling softer longer.


Stay out of the Sun or Use Lots of Sunblock

If you have an occupation that has you out in the sun most of the day, then you probably already know how important sunblock is. Wearing a large brimmed hat, long sleeves, and slathering on the sunblock is the best way to reduce the effects of the sun. The general rule tends to be that the lighter your hair color is, the more sun protection you need.

These 7 ways to get perfect skin are basically common sense; if your skin feels dry, then you probably need more moisturizer and if you are going out in the sun, then you should wear sun protection. Doing these two things alone will greatly improve the appearance of your skin. What skin regimen do you follow to keep your skin looking nice?

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i always heard that the more sun your face gets, the better. Since its letitng in more vitimin D and stuff. I heard it reduces acne. Often times in summer thats one of the main reason s im in the sun and it works for me, i dont use sunblock .

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