7 Tips on Self Tanning ...


7 Tips on Self Tanning ...
7 Tips on Self Tanning ...

Self Tanning is a great option for gorgeous color. After all, we all want that gorgeous bronze beach babe glow this time of year, but it may be and unrealistic goal for everyone. Maybe you have an office job or don't live in a warm climate with lots of sun. Or maybe you're too afraid of sun damage to lay out! Whatever your fear may be, don't sweat it! You can still at least look like a sun goddess. All you need is a good bronzer, and these 7 tips on self tanning! Self tanning may seem simple and easy enough, but it's a little more complicated than you might think. It's not impossible of course, but for first timers or newbies, it can be frustrating trying to get it right. But that's why I'm here! Keep reading my article if you want to look like a pro when it comes to applying self tanner. I've got the 7 top tips on self tanning for you!

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Use the Right Formula

When choosing a self tanning product, it can be mind boggling! There are so many different formulas available. From sprays to mousses, lotion and creams and even powdered tanner that you add water to you can see how easily a girl could get confused. My advice is to go for a lotion or a cream form, especially if this is your first time. You will be much more thankful that you did! Sprays and mouses are very difficult to apply evenly, even for pros or people who have used self-tanners before. So don't despair! You'll get it eventually, just start out easy.


Shave Your Legs First

It's always a good idea to shave your legs and armpits before you apply self tanner. Not only does this help exfoliate those areas for a nice even tan, but by shaving soon AFTER you apply self tanner you can risk streaking or blots. Use a sharp, fresh blade and be careful not to nick yourself. The nick will fill with self tanner and be darker than the rest of your skin! If you have sensitive skin, shave the day before you apply self tanner to minimize the risk of irritation.


Exfoliate Well

This tip on self tanning will help your self tanner go on smoothly and give it and even surface to adhere to! Exfoliate your body in the shower before you apply self tanner. Use a cotton washcloth since loofahs or sponges don't really exfoliate evenly. You can also use a grainy salt or sugar scrub which will get you super smooth results! Make it yourself using 3 tablespoons of salt or sugar, 1 tablespoon olive oil and a few drops of vanilla to scent it. Or buy one already made at the store!


Use Vaseline

Whatever you do, heed this tip on tanning yourself! You don't want to end up with stained fingernails and toenails. Self tanner can be really hard to get off of nails. Coat your nails with petroleum jelly or vaseline. This will keep the self tanner from adhering to them, and will make it super easy to wash off when you're finished. If you want to, you can even wear a pair of latex gloves.


Skip These Areas

There are a few areas you should glide over when self tanning. Your bikini line, armpits, belly button, between toes and fingers, nipples, lips, earlobes and any scars you may have should all be treated with care. Of course you can't skip them entirely, that would look odd! But you can use smaller amounts on these areas. You don't want to risk buildup in any of these spots, so be sure to blend, blend, blend! In fact, the leftover bronzing lotion on your hands after you apply to your arms and legs should be enough to give these spots a glow without overdoing it.


Hard to Reach Spots

A great tip for reaching your back is this little secret: use a small sponge roller! You can find them at arts and crafts stores or even in the hardware section. They are inexpensive and they work great for reaching your back and butt. All you need to do is dip the sponge into the self tanner and roll it up and down your back. Just make sure you get a sponge roller. A fluffy type will cause you to tan very unevenly.


Ensure even coverage by moving the sponge roller in smooth, steady motions. To avoid missing spots, stand in front of a full-length mirror and work systematically from your lower back upwards. Also, consider applying a bit of moisturizer on your skin beforehand, so the self-tanner glides on effortlessly. Remember to clean your roller after every use to maintain its effectiveness for the next application, and be meticulous about blending any edges to create a seamless tan that looks completely natural.


Apply Lotion Afterwards

After you finish applying self tanning, follow up with some lotion. Not too much, you don't want to thin out your lovely glow too much! But a little bit of lotion will help blend and even out your whole tan to a nice, even glow! Plus you will be moisturizing your skin which is always a good thing. And don't shower for a good hour or two after you apply self tanner. Your skin needs to soak it in a little bit before you shower to avoid washing it off!

No matter how scary self tanning may seem, you will do just fine with these tips on self tanning! Girls do it every day! It's an easy way to get a glow without baking in the sun. When all else fails, just keep it light. You can always add more later to darken it, but it's best to build it up over time to keep it looking natural. I hope you enjoyed my article with 7 tips on self tanning! Do you have any other tips to share?

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