7 Tips for an Even Complexion ...

Uneven skin tone can be a real hassle: red patches, dark marks, pimples, pigmentation and broken veins all detract from a smooth untarnished complexion. Often, imperfections of this kind contribute significantly to insecurity – it’s hard to feel confident if you’re constantly worried about a blotchy face – and drive us to hide behind thicker and thicker layers of foundation. Unfortunately, more makeup is not the answer here. Regulating your skin tone is a question of intelligent skincare and healthy lifestyle choices: to help you with these, I’ve done some research and put together a list of 7 tips for an even complexion.

1. Treat

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Often, uneven, discoloured skin tone can be remedied by applying the right product. Experts recommend you find yourself an intense Vitamin C serum: this will help to remove toxins which cause unsightly irregularities so that your skin can repair itself.

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