7 Tips for an Even Complexion ...


7 Tips for an Even Complexion ...
7 Tips for an Even Complexion ...

Uneven skin tone can be a real hassle: red patches, dark marks, pimples, pigmentation and broken veins all detract from a smooth untarnished complexion. Often, imperfections of this kind contribute significantly to insecurity – it’s hard to feel confident if you’re constantly worried about a blotchy face – and drive us to hide behind thicker and thicker layers of foundation. Unfortunately, more makeup is not the answer here. Regulating your skin tone is a question of intelligent skincare and healthy lifestyle choices: to help you with these, I’ve done some research and put together a list of 7 tips for an even complexion.

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Often, uneven, discoloured skin tone can be remedied by applying the right product. Experts recommend you find yourself an intense Vitamin C serum: this will help to remove toxins which cause unsightly irregularities so that your skin can repair itself.



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A weekly exfoliation session should also contribute significantly to a better skin tone. This will both improve circulation to you facial skin, and will help to remove dead skin cells and impurities which build up on its surface and cause the complexion to become dull and discoloured.


A Chemical Peel

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If you really struggle with an uneven skin tone, it might be a good idea to talk to your dermatologist or skincare professional about the possibility of a chemical peel. This kind of treatment thoroughly removes the surface layer of your skin, leaving a fresh new layer exposed. The results are usually very positive after the procedure and those who undergo it find they’re complexion significantly improved.



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Sun damage really contributes negatively to an uneven skin tone. Make sure that you always wear an effective sun block when you leave the house, even on cloudy days. Over time you’re skin will show less pigmentation as a result of your protective measures and your complexion will remain smoother and more even as you age.


B Vitamins

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Stock up on foods like eggs, rice and oats; these are rich in biotin and will help to reduce blotchiness in your skin. Biotin is very important for the formation of healthy skin cells, and if you are deficient, you will find that you are prone to redness, itching and inflammation.



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Dehydration can be responsible for a dull, discoloured complexion. Make sure that you drink plenty of water every day in order to keep your skin moist, healthy and supple. There is some controversy around how much H20 is good for you, but most experts agree that 8 glasses gives you about the right amount.


Choose Your Cosmetics Wisely

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If your skin tends often to flare up in blotches, or it is prone to redness and itching, the chances are it is fairly sensitive and needs some special attention. You may well find that using cosmetics designed for ‘normal’ skin are contributing to your uneven skin tone; stick to hypoallergenic brands if you can, and avoid items which include alcohol in the list of ingredients.

Red patches on your face, pigmentation and blotchiness can really adversely effect the way that you feel about your skin. This list of 7 tips for an even complexion should help you to begin to remedy the issues. Do you have any tips or tricks of your own to add to it?

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Man I have been having serious problems with 4 and 7 you see my problem is sunscreen and sunblock I need to find one that will not cause dermatitis (that is over SPF 30 preferably). No luck, this is simply not a case of going from (chemical) sunscreen to Sunblock (mineral sunscreen) there something more. And my doctors say they can't help me because they put too many chemicals into sunscreen to weed out the culprit. Any recommendation on sunscreens recommend for eczema AND dermatitis suffers? So something that is MORE than just sensitive skin, Fragrance free, and PABA free.

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