8 Things That Are Good for Your Skin ...

What Is Good for Your Skin can vary exponentially. Sometimes you need lotion, sometimes knowing what is good for your skin comes down to the foods you eat or the things you drink, sometimes it comes down to your lifestyle choices and habits. However, many types of skincare are universal, so no matter what your skin type, texture, or complexion, these options will leave you with smooth, flawless skin! Understanding what is good for your skin makes all the difference, and this phenomenal, comprehensive list will definitely change your idea of skincare!

1. Oil

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Sometimes what is good for your skin seems like it should be terrible, like oil. I don't know about you, but I daily use products designed to get rid of oil, because after all, that's what causes blemishes, right? It clogs your pores and creates problems. Still, a little of it is good for your skin, especially if you have normal skin, dry skin, or even combination skin.

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