7 Ways to Eat for Better Skin ...


7 Ways to Eat for Better Skin ...
7 Ways to Eat for Better Skin ...

Unless you are blessed with incredible skin you probably have to look after your face and body with any number of creams and lotions. As we get older we probably have to work even harder as our skin becomes dehydrated, loses firmness and fine lines start to appear. We can never stop the ravages of time but if we look after ourselves whilst we are younger we can at least grow older with some grace and to give skincare routines a little help here are 7 ways to eat for better skin.

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All fruits contain powerful antioxidants that fight harmful chemicals in our bodies known as free radicals. These free radicals can make the skin look dull and tired. Some fruits contain more than their fair share of beneficial nutrients – any fruit that is highly coloured is best and red, purple and orange are the best colours to go for. The brighter and more concentrated the colour, the more antioxidants.



One of the ways to eat for healthy skin that has been bandied around for years is to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water or other liquids do not hydrate your skin from the inside but they maintain your circulatory and metabolic systems in good working order which does help your skin (and overall health). Do not wait until you are thirsty to have a drink because that’s your body telling you that it is already dehydrated. Drink regularly through the day (except alcohol of course as that dehydrates rather than hydrates).



Not all fats are bad for you and our bodies are designed to cope with a diet that combines all food groups. You don’t have to follow a fat free diet as one of the ways to eat for better skin. Just cut out the saturated fats in favour of unsaturated.



Everyone loves a tan but excess sun is just not good for you and is certainly one of the things that can age you most. Beta-carotene is a nutrient that is known to help the skin protect itself from the sun. It’s found in orange coloured fruit and vegetables so add plenty of these into your usual diet. (AND use sunscreen)



One of the ways to eat your way to better skin is to cut down on the caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic which stimulates your body into losing water causing dehydration. If you absolutely must have your coffee then do so but consider switching to decaffeinated.



There are 3 key vitamins for skin health – A, C, E. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative and you’ll probably recognise this as an ingredient in many proprietary skincare products. A, C and E vitamins all stimulate collagen and elastin which keep skin plump, even textured and toned. Eating foods rich in these 3 vitamins is one of the nice healthy ways to eat yourself to better skin. They also contain those lovely free radical hating anti-oxidants.



Research is suggesting that the mineral selenium not only boosts skin elasticity but can also protect from sun damage. You can increase your intake by eating more whole grain cereals, garlic and eggs.

Those are some ways to eat for better skin. There aren’t difficult are they? Now you’ve got even more reasons to add more fruits and vegetables and good yummy stuff to your diet.

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