8 Ways to Unblock Your Pores ...


A whole range of factors contribute to the blocking of your pores: naturally secreted oil, sweat, dust, makeup and even residue from beauty products designed to clear your skin. In order to prevent spots from developing, and to keep your complexion luminous, clear and even, it’s a good idea to work a deep cleansing treatment into your cosmetics routine. To help you get your skin into good shape, I’ve done some reading on the topic and put together a list of 8 ways to unblock your pores.

1. Cleanse

While it is a good idea to treat for blocked pores every once in a while using a specially designed deep cleanser or mask, it is also very important that you work out a good skin maintenance programme. This is one of the best ways to unblock your pores. This should involve a twice daily wash using products designed to remove the build up of the natural oils, dust and makeup that accumulate throughout the day.