7 Tips to Brighter Skin for Girls Pale in Complexion ...


7 Tips to Brighter Skin for Girls Pale in Complexion ...
7 Tips to Brighter Skin for Girls Pale in Complexion ...

If you have pale skin, like me, you may want to warm it up and add a hint of color. But when you use products like bronzer you can easily end up looking like a clown if you're not careful! So how can you give your skin a lift while avoiding overdoing it? Here are some tips for brightening up your pale skin …

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Banish the Bronzer

In winter, you may be tempted to reach for bronzer to warm up your pale skin. But it's not the answer in winter, when you wouldn't normally have even the hint of a tan. There are much better ways to brighten your skin; even the lightest bronzer could stand out too much. Tinted moisturiser will work much better, and give your skin some much-needed moisture to help it through the winter months.


Aim to Lift, Rather than Change Your Skin

If you have pale skin, you shouldn't try to change it. Piling on loads of fake tan will only look far too obvious! Instead, aim to lift your skin and give it a subtle glow. There's nothing wrong with being pale, which can look just as good as a tan. So celebrate your paleness, don't be ashamed of it!


Prep Your Skin

You really need to start by preparing your skin. Dead skin cells will make your skin look dull and drab, so cleanse your skin daily and use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week. The next step is to put moisture into your skin, so always moisturise (a tinted moisturiser is great as well).


Highlighter Helps

Hurrah for highlighter! This is a great tool for the fair-skinned girl, as it will add some much-needed brightness to your skin. Don't spread it all over your face though; that will be overdoing it. Instead, apply it along the cheekbones, temples and a little down your nose. These are the areas that would naturally catch the sun.


Highlighter is a makeup product that contains light-reflecting particles to give the skin a luminous and radiant appearance. It is a popular tool for fair-skinned girls as it can help to add a touch of brightness to their complexion. When using highlighter, it is important to only apply it to certain areas of the face, such as the cheekbones, temples, and down the nose, as these are the natural areas that catch the light. This can help to enhance the features and add a subtle glow to the skin. However, it is important not to overdo it, as too much highlighter can make the skin look overly shiny or greasy.


Blush is Brilliant

Blush is a brilliant tool for the pale girl. It'll work wonders for brightening up your face; compare your face with and without blusher, and you'll really see the difference. Even bright colors can work very well; just be sure to apply lightly and don't put too much on the brush. An illuminating powder like Too Faced Candlelight will also work wonders to make your skin glow.


Eyes & Lips

The right choice of lip and eye colors will also brighten up your skin. Pick sheer eye shadows that contrast with your eyes, which will instantly make your eyes (and therefore your face) look brighter. As for lips, pick a bright color like red, coral or even fuchsia. If you're scared it might look too strong, try a lip tint instead. But do try the bolder shades; you might be surprised how flattering they are!


Pick the Right Hair Color

Finally, pale girls need to be careful to choose the right hair color. If your hair is too dark it can make you look even more pale and drawn. Shades like copper and caramel can lift your skin tone and make your eyes stand out. Consult a colorist if you want to be sure of getting the right color to match your pale skin.

So now you see - pale can be interesting!

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