Daily Habits That Make You More Likely to Develop Acne ...


Daily Habits That Make You More  Likely to Develop Acne ...
Daily Habits That Make You More  Likely to Develop Acne ...

Acne is one of the worst things ever, right? Pimples, bumps and blemishes make it hard to feel beautiful. Your first step to getting flawless skin every single day is figuring out what's causing your acne. Once you get to the root of the problem, you can take steps to eliminate the problem. Ready to get started? Here's what could be causing your acne.

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hair, human hair color, blond, red hair, mouth, If your parents or siblings suffer from acne, the chances that you will too will go up.


Picking at Your Face

hair, human action, person, blond, hairstyle, The more you mess around with your skin or pop the pimples you already have, the more acne you are going to have to deal with.


You're Using the Wrong Laundry Soap

person, muscle, physical fitness, human body, If you get acne on your back or chest, you may be having a reaction to your laundry detergent. No, this isn't acne, but you could be mistaking it for acne.


Forgetting to Wash Your Makeup Brushes

face, eyebrow, color, nose, human action, You should wash your makeup brushes at least once a week in warm water and mild soap. Otherwise, dirt and grime build up, which can lead to breakouts.


PMs Can Ruin Your Skin

face, person, blond, brown hair, long hair, If it's that time of the month, your hormones may be wreaking havoc on your skin.


Exercise Can Cause Pimples

human action, muscle, leg, physical fitness, When you sweat, the moisture mixes with the oils on your face, often leading to breakouts.


A Shift in the Weather

residential area, tower block, real estate, Changes in weather can sometimes cause your skin to freak out. That includes when winter changes to spring and when fall changes to winter.


You're on an Airplane

airplane, vehicle, airliner, airline, aircraft, The air inside an airplane is naturally drier, which can amp up the oil production of your skin, causing more pimples.


Are You Pregnant?

hair, clothing, blond, mouth, undergarment, Pregnancy totally whacks out your hormones, which as you know will lead to breakouts.


You Need a Nap

hair, human action, person, clothing, blond, Skimping on sleep can definitely cause acne. Why? Because it raises the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which often makes itself known by messing with your skin.


Maybe It's Your Prescription

retail, ERMI, NCODERHNICODER, emer, Nicorette, Are you taking medication for anything? Check the label because it could be the culprit behind your pimples.


You Aren't Eating the Right Foods

person, sense, eating, bachelorette party, What you eat plays a big role in the health of your skin. For most people, sugar, dairy or caffeine is the problem so cutting them from your diet might be the only change you need to make.


You Don't Check Labels for Non-comodogenic Products

THAT?, CAN'T, EVEN, TALK, ABOUT., Non-comodogenic means it won't clog pores so if you aren't making sure your products fit the bill, you could be suffering the consequences.


Your Sheets Need to Be Washed

black, black and white, human positions, photography, monochrome photography, Sheets should be washed in hot water at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells, products from your skin and hair and other dirt and grime. Forget to toss them in the washer and you could have a breakout.


You're Stressing out Big Time

person, speech, The, lord, testing, If your job, kids, spouse or financial situation is causing you a ton of stress, your skin may respond by breaking out in a big way.


You Should Be Wiping down Your Phone

screenshot, sense, MPERIALBEDROOMS, Your cell phone picks up a surprisingly disgusting amount of junk. When it transfers to your face, it can cause acne.


Your Cleaning Schedule is out of Whack

hair, face, eyebrow, cheek, nose, Washing too much and not washing enough can both lead to breakouts. Once in the morning and once at night is all you need.


You're Sleeping in Your Makeup

hair, face, image, person, girl, You should know by now that this is a big no-no. Wash your face before bed to prevent breakouts.


It Could Be Your Toothpaste

human action, face, hair, facial expression, person, If your breakouts happen around your mouth, you can probably blame it on your toothpaste.


Your Routine Shouldn't Be Rushed

bride, fashion, dress, spring, The, Simply going through the motions as fast as you can won't prevent acne. Take your time and do it right.


You Need Acne Treatments

white, petal, sodium chloride, material, If you have pimples and blemishes, you should be using products formulated to target the issue. Talk to your dermatologist about the right one for you.

What causes you to break out? What do you do about it?

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You can do all these things and still have acne. It's a condition that needs to be treated.

Genetics its not a daily habit.

Exercise doesn't cause breakouts. Not taking care of your skin after exercising will cause acne. Working out is actually really good for your skin because it opens up your pores and flushes them out with sweat. If you just take a shower after a work out and wash your face like you should, it shouldn't be a problem.

@Anaya does witch hazel work?

Glam Glow works wonders! The White One! Put it on pimples and use it regularly enough! My skin is amazing since I have started using this and Blackheads are also reduced! Skin is firmer and looks healthier! Also lots of water and lemon and veggies are amazing! 😊😊

Lol everything causes acne !!!! I have tried everything and its not genetics! I just have bad facial skin!


My genetics are why I have acne. It's gone through all of my family before 😒


I always get acne when I have my periods omg

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