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When an unsightly pimple is making a grand entrance right on the surface of your face, you can always use household items that treat acne. All of these items are inexpensive, easily available and require little to no preparation beforehand. To keep your complexion looking clean and fresh, here are a few household items that treat acne.

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Aspirin One of the many household items that treat acne is Aspirin. Aspirin is great for reducing the size and redness of the pimple. You can simply crush the pill, but I like to use sterile scissors to scrap the Aspirin into a fine dust. Then you mix it with as little water as possible. You should be looking for a thick paste-like consistency that is not overly diluted with water. Finally, apply the Aspirin paste onto your pimple and let it air dry.



Salt I’ve heard about salt being used as a household quick fix for pimples. I’m not entirely sure it works but it’s worth mentioning. Mix it with a small amount of water, then apply the salt solution directly on top of your pimple. Be careful not to use it over large amounts of skin or on places where it is not necessary - the salt will dry up your skin, causing an overproduction of oil, which will then create blocked pores and more pimples. Anyways, the salt mixture should dry up your pimple after a few hours and your pimple will be significantly smaller.


Unflavoured Mouthwash

Unflavoured Mouthwash The key word here is “unflavoured”! Flavoured mouthwash, such as cinnamon, mint, vanilla, etc., have extra ingredients, including fragrances and dyes which could irritate your skin. Mouthwash has alcohol in it, which kills germs, making it a great face wash as well. However, this face treatment should only be used from time to time rather than daily.


Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice Lemon juice not only kills bacteria, but it is a natural bleach. Not only is lemon juice ideal for keeping your skin free of bacteria, but it can also help to treat any marks left from past breakouts. Use with caution or you can have discolouration on your face and skin.



Ice Ice is a temporary treatment, making it more of a quick fix than a permanent solution. Ice will help to reduce redness and swelling for a short period of time. Be careful not to apply ice for too long or you could end up with freezer burn!


Eye Drops

Eye Drops Another quick fix, eye drops help to reduce redness. The great thing about reducing the redness of the pimple is that the pimple will look smaller. Although this treatment only works for a few hours, it’s great for using before a date or interview.



Ginger Ginger is a great household item to put on top of a pimple! Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, thus it only makes sense to rub it against an inflamed pimple. Shred some ginger - the amount will depend on how many affected areas you have - and place the ginger pieces on top of your pimples. Most importantly, make sure that the juices from the ginger are not wasted and are also applied to the areas that need treatment.

None of these household items provide the cure for skin issues, but they do help to reduce the swelling and redness of the pimple. However, they're still worth a try and cheaper than using drugstore or prescription products. What are some other household items that can be used to treat acne?

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I've heard of toothpaste also. small amount. like plain old crest or Colgate. overnight

I've also heard of baking soda & water. Make it into a paste form & apply it for 5 minutes. I usually do mine over night

I heard that banana peel is a really good one too

popping the zit can leave marks on your skin

this really did help😋

I've been healing my acne with these: a) honey, antibacterial, use as a cleanser; b) cinnamon-nutmeg-honey-mask, leave in for 30 mins every other day; 3) apple cider vinegar, use as a toner (2/3 parts water, 1/2 parts apple cider vinegar); 4) zink! eat 75mg a day. I've been using these for the past six months and have almost completely defeated acne!

Yup toothpaste. I used to use it when I was younger dabbed on before bed. It helped dry it out, or draw out the 'yuck' of a stubborn pimple. Honey mixed with a little lemon juice as a mask also helped my skin.

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