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7 Things That Are Ruining Your Skin ...

By Vladlena

You might not realize that some of your daily activities are the top things that are ruining your skin. When it comes to beauty, your skin should be your number one priority. After all, no amount of makeup will completely cover up your acne and dry patches. There are thousands of skin products on store shelves promising to rejuvenate your skin and bring it back to life, but we all know most of the claims have no basis. So why not just be proactive and instead minimize any actions that might cause skin problems in the first place? Kick the things that are ruining your skin to the curb!

1 Popping Pimples

Popping PimplesI know how tempted you might be to pop the pimple that is staring right at you every time you look in the mirror, but please take all of your courage and avoid popping or picking at your skin. Those are some of the things that are ruining your skin. Every time you decide to pop a pimple, you only push the dirt and bacteria deeper into your pores, causing even more breakouts. There are enough things ruining your skin that are out of your control, but this is all completely in your hands.

2 Hairspray

HairsprayIt is no secret that there are plenty of you who use hairspray to tame your hair on a daily basis, and I know most of you layer it on without protecting your face. While you might not feel much of the residue on your face, trust me, you will see the consequences of it on your skin in a couple of days. So next time you apply hairspray, cover your skin with a clean towel and make sure that none of the hair products you use will settle on your face.


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3 Glasses

GlassesI am no stranger to impaired eyesight, so I know just how much time you spend wearing your glasses on a regular day. In fact, you wear them so much that they almost become one of your features. As something that spends so much time in contact with your skin, your glasses must be cleaned on a regular basis. Glasses have a buildup of bacteria that can get into your pores, so remember to wipe them clean as much as you can.

4 Your Daily Coffee

Your Daily CoffeeMany of us can’t seem to function without a daily dose of coffee, but we don’t realize just how much of an impact caffeine has on our skin. Caffeine causes dehydration of your skin, which results in magnification of wrinkles. In order to avoid such occurrences, quench your skin by drinking the good old H2O!

5 Cellphone

CellphoneTake a second and just think about all of the places your phone has been: your bag, the back pocket of your jeans, the table at the restaurant, the bench of a park, etc. Now all of the bacteria that your phone has picked up transfers itself onto your skin every time you answer your phone. Gross! So keep a pack of antibacterial wipes with you at all times to wipe your phone clean.

6 Hot Showers

Hot ShowersI know just how comforting long, hot showers can be, especially in the colder seasons, but the heat from prolonged showers can dramatically dry out your skin. That is no way to treat the biggest organ in your body! Therefore, it is recommended to decrease the temperature of the water and invest in filtering shower heads for further skin improvement.

7 Chlorine

ChlorineYour skin feels atypical after a swim in a pool for a reason, because even after a quick shower chlorine can cling to your skin and negatively react with lotions and cleansers. To effectively remove every bit of chlorine enveloping your body, it is recommended to purchase an extra sudsy body wash for those after-pool showers.

If you are not naturally blessed with flawless skin, you must put forth extra effort to keep it healthy, even if it means switching up your daily routines and going out of your way. What are some of your friendly warnings when it comes to skin care?

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