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Signs of aging are one thing we all try to stop. You might use creams and concoctions for this purpose, or try a dose of Botox. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that ends up making you feel better about how you look. In the meantime, understanding the signs of aging that stem from sun exposure can help you get the treatment you need to stave them off while also helping you practice sun safety to keep them at bay.

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Age Spots

Age spots are one of the most prevalent of the many signs of aging, and are often linked to sun exposure, according to the National Institutes of Health. They’re also called liver spots or lentigos and often crop up your face or hands as well as other locations that get a lot of sun. You can help prevent age spots by always wearing sunscreen when you’re outdoors.


Solar Elastosis

Think about the dark, thick and leathery skin of Native Americans, farmers and ranchers. All the years they spend working outdoors produce this condition. The sun alters your connective tissue, causing it to sag and lose its strength, reports the National Institutes of Health. Even if you don’t spend your entire day in the sun on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to wear a hat and sunscreen at all times, as well as avoiding peak hours in the sun. That way, you’ll age without looking like you ride your horse and herd cattle all day. And even if that’s your profession of choice, you don’t have to suffer the fate of daily sun exposure.


Slower Healing

According to experts, your skin loses its elasticity with unprotected sun exposure. This can damage the skin and lengthen healing time when you are injured or sustain a bruise. At the same time, your skin bruises and tears more easily after years of sun exposure, so you might notice that a seemingly minor injury can seem worse than it really is.


Skin Cancer

You know that going out without sunscreen increases your risk of skin cancer, and some of the scariest signs of age due to sun exposure are spots or moles on your body. You can get skin cancer at almost any age, but if you’ve had to have spots removed or grafted, you may show your age sooner than if your skin was still blemish free. Some people get precancerous growths that, when combined with other signs of aging, can really tell people how old you are, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.



Wrinkles are perhaps one of the signs of aging that people fight the hardest. I admit to using special day creams and special night creams to firm my skin and keep the lines from showing up. Years of sun exposure can lead to wrinkling, sometimes even making you look older than you really are. Again, wear sunscreen all the time and you can help win the battle against wrinkles.


Spider Veins

Maybe you’ve noticed these thin, spidery lines on your legs. Fortunately, you can cover those with the right clothes. However, according to American Academy of Dermatology, you can experience spider veins on your face due to sun exposure. Make-up does a pretty good job of disguising them, but you can beat them in the first place by practicing proper sun safety.



A lot of people think freckles are cute and I don’t feel like they detract from anyone’s good looks. However, many freckles are indicative of skin damage as a result of unprotected sun exposure. So, no matter how great they look, freckles can show people that you are aging due to the sun. Sunscreen is your weapon here and should be slathered on all exposed skin anytime you’re outside.

Do you have any of these signs of aging? I admit to fine lines and freckles, but my rigid sunscreen use has largely helped me avoid the others so far. How do you fight the signs of sun related aging?

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