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7 Ridiculous Yet Well-Known Skincare Myths ...

By Jelena

Skincare myths may sound silly and outdated to you but they are actually quite harmful. They get passed down from generation to generation and end up sounding too real and too rational to question their validity. By the time you realize most of your care routine is based on skincare myths, the damage is already done and you have to start fixing stuff instead of just maintaining good results. Don’t let your face suffer – here are some popular tips you’re better off avoiding:

Table of contents:

  1. Washing can cure acne
  2. Good and bad genes are all that matters
  3. Look for all natural cosmetics
  4. More expensive equals better
  5. Sunscreen is only for people who burn easily
  6. Tanning beds are a safer than sunbathing
  7. Thumbs up for squeaky clean

1 Washing Can Cure Acne

Well, here’s one of those skincare myths that really piss me off! You see, having acne prone skin doesn’t mean your hygiene is bad and scrubbing your face raw multiple times a day isn’t only pointless but may even make matters worse. Forget about those silly old wives tales - visit a dermatologist ASAP and get informed about how to safely clean, moisturize and treat your skin.

2 Good and Bad Genes Are All That Matters

As important as genes are, they are not the only thing that determines how good or bad, fast or slow you’re going to age. Lifestyle choices, skin type and skincare habits can successfully override even the best or the worst of genes, meaning that you can age beautifully too, as long as you develop a good attitude towards it as early as possible.

3 Look for All Natural Cosmetics

The only all natural thing you can ever hope to put on your face is a homemade facial and if you’ve ever tried to make one, you understand why nothing store-bought can ever be 100% natural. Natural concoctions go bad super fast and bottling them, as such, isn’t only impossible but unhealthy. You can favor “green” brands, paraben-free products and those with a high level of natural ingredients, of course - just don’t expect them to sprout leaves.

4 More Expensive Equals Better

When you’re buying a high-end product, you’re not just paying for an innovative formula, top researchers and best ingredients. You’re also paying for the name, posh package and a chance to feel like a celeb even if you’re not buying the IT bag. So are expensive products really that great? Absolutely! But are they three times better than all of those high-quality mid-range products or prescription cosmetics you can afford without superb budgeting skills? Not really.

5 Sunscreen is Only for People Who Burn Easily

Getting a bit of tan early on doesn’t make you immune to sunburns, nor should you ever forgo sunscreen thinking that your skin tone makes you the bionic woman’s first cousin. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause considerable damage and you won’t get to see it until it’s too late to do anything about it. Now, I know I sound just like your grandma but, trust me, grandma knew what she was talking about! Don’t deny your skin that much-needed protection.

6 Tanning Beds Are a Safer than SunBathing

Exposing yourself to those lamps in tanning beds is actually more harmful than sunbathing! Sure, you’re getting the results much faster but that’s only because your skin is getting assaulted with more UVA and UVB rays than what you’d normally be exposed to while sunbathing. Your skin is getting badly burned in there, girl…and you aren’t even aware of it because it’s happening super fast!

7 Thumbs up for Squeaky Clean

Squeaky clean is just the way I like it…but only when it comes to floors and counter tops! Your skincare routine is a whole different matter and it should leave you with a soft, supple, fully-hydrated feeling – not sounding like a Tin Man in need of an oil change. Ditch this silly old myth – if your skin feels tight, stop using harsh soaps and moisturize more.

Do you have an interesting skincare myth to add to the collection? Do tell!

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