Outdoors-y Girls Need to Guard against These Summertime Skin Problems ...


Outdoors-y Girls Need to Guard against These Summertime Skin Problems ...
Outdoors-y Girls Need to Guard against These Summertime Skin Problems ...

There are plenty of summer skin problems you should consider if you spend any amount of time outdoors when the weather heats up. Whether you’re hiking, biking, swimming or playing with your kids, it pays to understand what summer skin issues you might be up against. That way, you can watch for them and recognize them so it’s easy to treat and eliminate whatever ails you. Check out these common summer skin problems and feel free to let me know how you take care of them.

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Sunburn is one of the worst summer skin issues you might encounter. Obviously, you know it’s caused by being out in the sunshine without sunscreen for too long. However, repeated or very bad sunburns can cause skin cancer, which can be a scary ordeal. Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and reapply often so you can enjoy your time in the sun without worry.



I’ve gotten hives from using a regular detergent rather than a dye-free one, and I can tell you how miserable they are. Some people experience hives with sun exposure and if you’re one of them, you might worry that you have to stay inside all the time. However, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology says you can go out as long as you drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.


Poisonous Plants

You’ve probably heard the rule of three that says to stay away from any plants with three leaves. That’s valuable advice because these plants, which include poison ivy and poison oak, can cause a nasty rash that itches like crazy. So, when you’re out hiking and enjoying time in the woods, keep your eyes open for plants with three leaves and steer clear of them.


Bug Bites

There’s no getting around bug bites when you hang out around the fire pit or spend time at the river after dark. Mosquitoes are especially prevalent this time of year and chances are you’re going to get bitten a time or two during the summer. Bug bites are generally harmless and can be treated at home with over the counter itch lotions or creams. If you have a possible allergic reaction, however, it’s vital to get to the emergency room right away.



For some people with eczema, the warmth and sunshine can make it worse. If that applies to you, be sure you are extra vigilant with your prescribed treatments or you’re in for a long summer of itching and blistering. Some people experience a clear up of their eczema during the summer, so keep an eye on yours so you know which category you fall into.


Cuts and Scrapes

According to the experts at WebMD, summertime brings on a higher rate of cuts and scrapes. This is due in part to extra time spent outdoors, but also because you wear less clothing when it’s hot so more of your skin is exposed to potential injuries. Be on the alert for branches, fire pits, bushes and anything else that will cut or otherwise hurt you if you get too close. Keep a first aid kit handy for those times when you do injure yourself.



Getting stung is never fun, but it’s a natural part of summer. You can use insect repellent to deter bugs from getting too close to you, but it’s also a good idea to avoid high grasses where lots of stinging insects like to hide out. If you do get stung, watch for an allergic reaction, otherwise treat it with anti-itch cream and a cool washcloth.

What’s your biggest summertime skin complaint? It does take some effort to protect your skin outside, but I say it’s totally worth it. Do you have any other tips or tricks?

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Cuts, scrapes, and big bites. 😞🙄

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