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How Damaged is Your Skin ...

By Lyndsie

You probably read an extortion to wear sunscreen every day, especially since it's summer. You get it from health shows, beauty magazines, and here from AWS, as well: always slather on sunscreen when you go outside! But how diligent are you? Do you sometimes forget? Do you ever think that it won't really hurt if don't protect your skin just this once? Thomas Leveritt, a creative and truly innovative photographer, has just released a video that might make you change your mind.

Titled “How the Sun Sees You,” this shows exactly how UV rays hit the skin. Using a special filter, Thomas filmed several people outside, in the bright sun. The filter let people see how they looked in ultraviolet. They found heretofore invisible freckles, and numerous other changes in their skin that they simply couldn't see yet. Discolorations, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, those freckles—it was all there. He then had the participants put on sunscreen, and that change is incredibly dramatic. Think you'll ever skip the sunscreen again?


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