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7 Eczema Triggers Lurking in Your House ...

By Eliza

Not everyone suffers from the same eczema triggers, but chances are some of them are hiding out in your house. I know that’s not too comforting, but knowing what the possible offenders might be can help you eliminate them or steer clear when you can. Your home should be a place where you can relax and rest without worrying about your health. So here are some of the most common eczema triggers that might be causing your problems at home. Talk to your doctor about treating your specific case of eczema so you can look and feel your best all the time.

1 Personal Hygiene Products

Many people find that certain hygiene products are eczema triggers. The ones that bother you might not be the same ones that bother other people with the condition. Shampoo, bubble bath and skin lotions are examples of items that might be causing your condition to flare. Eliminate your current products to see if you find relief. If so, you can assume that the product is the offender and you can find something else to use instead.

2 Detergent

You’ve probably experienced some type of skin issue as a result of your laundry detergent. I once broke out in a mess of hives after trying something new. If you notice that you are experiencing something similar, you might need to find a new detergent. Sometimes companies change their formulations, so even one you’ve used your whole life has the potential to cause problems now.

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3 Clothing

For some people with eczema, the clothes you bring home can make the problem worse. Your condition may have changed or you might have bought something with fibers or materials that bother you, but it wasn’t on the tag. If you notice that certain items in your closet make your eczema worse, it’s best to get rid of them no matter how cute they are.

4 Pets

If you have atopic eczema, pets can really make it worse. Their dander and pet hair can trigger an outbreak when you brush up against them. I’m not suggesting getting rid of your furry friends, but regular baths can help. Cats and dogs are the biggest offenders, so talk to your doctor about how you can keep your eczema at bay and still enjoy your pets.

5 Dust Mites

Get ready to be grossed out right now. Dust mites lurk all over your house. They’re generally harmless and so tiny you don’t even know they’re there. However, they can be worrisome if you have eczema. Regularly dusting and vacuuming can help keep them at bay. Vacuum the furniture and mattresses and wash your pillows and sheets weekly as well. Those simple steps can help quite a lot.

6 Food

Not everyone who has eczema suffers from food breakouts. For some people with the atopic form of the condition, outbreaks from eating certain foods that are common in everyone’s house are possible. Dairy, eggs, nuts and seeds, soy and wheat are common offenders, according to the National Eczema Association, so if you keep those items around, try to avoid them when you can.

7 Stressful Situations

Everyone has something stressful going on at home. Whether it’s costly repairs that you can’t afford or a strained relationship with a family member, chances are stress exacerbates your eczema. Try to engage in relaxing activities and set some reachable goals regarding your situation. Relaxation and gaining control over the problem are some easy ways to help hold your symptoms off.

Do you have eczema? I have occasional flare ups and my kids do too. It’s always nice to figure out the issue so I can quickly take care of it. Do any of these triggers surprise you?

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