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Would you love to know some ways to transform your complexion? Many of you would like to have a better complexion but don’t know how to achieve that. These are 7 ways to transform your complexion. None of them are complicated and they're all easy enough to add into your life.

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Drink up, Buttercup

One of the best ways to transform your complexion is to get your daily 8 glasses of water. You can easily increase that to 10-12 glasses and perhaps see even more benefits. Drinking water is like magic for your skin. You can virtually eliminate the problem of having dry skin by doing this. Additionally, your skin will have a beautiful and natural glow from drinking adequate water each day.


Use the Right Skincare Formula

Many women have complexion woes because they are using the wrong skincare formula. If you are unsure what skin type you have, ask an expert. You could talk to your doctor or even someone trained in skincare, such as a sales associate at a makeup counter in a department store. If you are using a formula for dry skin but you actually have combination skin, you are adding too much moisture into your skin. This will make you more prone to breakouts.


Always Wash Your Makeup off

Do not go to sleep with your makeup on! You are setting yourself up for skin problems when you do this. There are always nights where you are just too exhausted to make it to the sink. There are a couple solutions to help with this. Wash your makeup off before you get that tired or keep a package of makeup removing cloths on your nightstand for that exact reason.


Find the Right Foundation

Finding the right foundation makes all the difference in how your skin will look. You want to make sure that you are wearing the right shade. It is also important to make sure you are choosing the right formula. Someone with oily skin will need a drier foundation formula, such as one that offers oil control. It may take a bit of trial and error before you find the right foundation for you.


Live Healthy

Living healthy can be a very important part of transforming your complexion. If you are living a healthy lifestyle, it will show on your face. It will also show if you aren’t. What is a healthy lifestyle? Getting enough sleep, eating right and avoiding bad habits like smoking and binge drinking.


Get Your Allergies under Control

Did you know that allergies can contribute to your complexion issues? They most certainly can. Allergy sufferers are more likely to suffer from dark circles under their eyes. Hives and eczema can also contribute to issues with your complexion. If you feel your allergies are not under control, consult your family doctor or allergist for help.


See a Dermatologist

If you aren’t seeing any results or enough of a result to satisfy you, it may be time to consult a dermatologist. Although all of the measures mentioned here will help, sometimes you have skin needs beyond what these tips can offer. A dermatologist can work with you to address your specific skin needs. Whether the issues are acne, rosacea or something else, they are equipped to handle them. Seeing a dermatologist is a wise choice if your skin is continuing to be an issue despite your best efforts.

Every woman wants to have a flawless complexion. What has worked for you in transforming your complexion? I would love to read your tips.

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I find drink lemon water frequently helps too

Green tea 👌

Green n white tea n plenty of water

Doing pranayama (breathing exercises) is a trouble shooter.

I drink red wine. :)

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