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Oil cleansing promises beautiful, clear skin, which is just one of several things to know about the oil cleansing method. As you probably guessed, it uses oil instead of soap to get your skin nice and clean. While washing your face with oil may seem weird, it can actually work! The promises are not just hype. However, if you are going to start cleansing your face with oil, there are things to know about the oil cleansing method.

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Cleanses Skin without Being Drying

Ordinarily when you wash your face, you probably use soap, which can be very drying. Soap tends to strip oil from skin, which leaves it with dry irritated patches. However, if you use the oil cleansing method to wash your face, your skin will not become dry. Instead, you will have moisturized skin. If having moisturized skin has piqued your interest, there are several other things to know about the oil cleansing method.


Oil Won’t Cause a Breakout

While it may seem counterintuitive, applying oil to your face won’t actually cause you to breakout. In fact, it may help prevent breakouts. Oil loosens and attracts the dirt, dead skin, and bacteria that can become trapped in pores and cause pimples. By loosening up these zit causing culprits, the oil can help you have clear skin!


You Need to Use a Specific Oil

Before you grab any oil out of you kitchen cupboard to cleanse your face, you need to know that the oil cleansing method uses a specific oil blend. Castor oil and cold pressed vegetable oil, like extra virgin olive oil or sunflower seed oil, are used for oil cleansing. The castor oil cleans your skin, and the other oil adds moisture.


Oil Ratio Changes Depending on Skin Type

Depending on your skin type, you will use different ratios of castor oil and cold pressed vegetable oil. If you have normal skin, you will use 20 percent castor oil. Individuals with oily skin should use 30 percent castor oil, and people who have very dry skin should use 10 percent castor oil. You can adjust these ratios some, but this is a good starting point when begin oil cleansing.


Follow Specific Steps

Not only do you use specific oils for this method, you also need to follow some easy and specific steps. Start by massaging a quarter size amount of the oil blend into your skin for 2 minutes. Then, place a steaming hot washcloth over your face for one minute to allow the pores to open up. Finally, remove the oil with the other side of the wash cloth. There will be some oil left on your face, but this is actually moisturizing.


Adjustment Period

When you first start using the oil cleansing method, you may experience an adjustment period where your skin gets worse. This happened when you loosen up old impurities from your pores. After a few weeks of your skin getting worse, you will notice your skin improving. Over time, your skin will actually be better than it was to start with.



Even if you do experience an adjustment period, you will eventually see all of the benefits of cleaning with oil. Your blackheads will disappear, your skin will stop breaking out, and your skin will feel moisturized and look radiant. Additionally, you will be saving money on skin care products because you won’t need expensive creams and soaps anymore.

At first the oil cleansing method may have seemed a bit odd to you, but now that you know more about it, you may want to try it. If you do try it, give it a few weeks, and you will begin to experience the benefits. Are you going to try the oil cleansing method?

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Thanx 😊

Do you do this twice a day?

As an aesthetician, I would not recommend this to any of my clients. Any oil, over time, becomes very comedogenic and will end up causing more harm than good. If you want to use oil in your skin care regimen, I would suggest using as an eye makeup remover then followed up with a mild PH facial cleanser. Oils I would suggest would be jojoba or grape seed as those are easier on the skin and have great benefits! As far as the facial cleanser goes, you always want to make sure you're using a facial cleanser. Body wash or bars of soap have a higher PH than facial washes. Your body's PH level is completely different rom your face, so using anything that's not meant for your face will cause your skin to freak out in ways you don't want, ie: dryness, acne, irritation, etc. that's just my suggestion though! If it works for you and you love it, that's great! :)

Very interesting! Can't wait to try it!

Great tips

I started oil cleansing months ago and had horrible breakouts, I kept up with it and my skin is now beautiful!

This is good to do. I use this method as well. I started using it this summer but I can't wait to see how it does when it's colder out.

I also wanted to say I use extra olive oil for other things. If you have dry feet you can mix some lotion in the palm of your hands with a equal amount of extra virgin olive oil and drench your feet in it, put on some thick socks all before bed . I can't say enough about this oil. I have a big bottle of it in my bathroom. From what I read, it regenerates new cells. So at almost 41 I'm all about that. I don't use those expensive face creams or cleansers. I use dove soap , witch hazel and the olive oil.

@Caralyn I have been using it a few years. I am almost 41 with a couple of grown kids and teenagers and I don't have any wrinkles yet. YET! Lol. Sometimes I just put the olive oil on my face and then get in the shower and let the steam hit my face. I also sleep with it under my eyes and once in awhile I put the extra Virgin olive oil on my face and sleep. I have pretty oily skin but this helps, not make it worse. I also use witch hazel DAILY after I clean my face.

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