7 Rules for Keeping Your Hands Soft ...


7 Rules for Keeping Your Hands Soft ...
7 Rules for Keeping Your Hands Soft ...

Your hands can be a dead giveaway as to how you look after yourself, so every woman should know the rules for keeping your hands soft. We treat our hands more roughly than any other part of our body, therefore they need extra TLC to keep them in tip top condition. What’s the point of a lovely manicure if your hands are rough? Not pampering your hands enough? Time to take heed of the rules for keeping your hands soft.

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Washing I hear you say? Surely everyone knows how to wash their hands? It’s something you probably do very unconsciously. You know you have to wash them so you do. But don’t just plunge them regularly into really hot or cold water – over time this damages skin. Wash them in warm water, and if you think that won’t clean them, you have to use a medium (soap, lotion etc). And that brings me to soap. Don’t just reach for any old bar. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin generally, a soap (bar or liquid) designed for sensitive skin is the best choice every time for your hands. Soaps with olive oil and jojoba are a good choice as they are moisturizing too. And lastly in the rules for keeping your hands soft on the washing front is drying. Do not rub roughly and pull the skin about. Use a soft towel and dry gently.



Gloves have one purpose in life – to protect your hands. Sure they may be pretty and add a finishing touch to an outfit but their primary job is to keep your hands safe. This includes any time when your hands are exposed to the elements , extreme heat, chemicals and all manner of any other things you’re likely to have to handle. You should always wear gloves when one, it is cold outside (even if your hands don’t feel cold) and two, when working with water. If you want to make even greater use of gloves, wear them at night after slathering your hands in moisturizing lotion.



It’s as important to apply as much care and attention to your hands as you do to your face. You want the skin on your hands to stay soft and supple, and as you age, wrinkle free. Regularly moisturize and do it after every wash. Choose a moisturizer with Shea butter, B vitamins and retinol for the best results.


Spa Treatments

The great thing about spa treatments for your hands is that you can do them easily at home. The treatment you choose depends on what you want to focus on. Maybe you’ve been working with nasty things all work or painting or DIYing. For this, give your hands a nice long soak in warm water. A scrub is a good way to invigorate your skin, removing dead cells which make it look dull. After your treatment, don’t forget to moisturize. Moisturize in a lengthy massage rather than a usual quick rubbing in application.



Cute cuticles are essential for your hands to look their best. It’s not worth spending time meticulously painting your nails if your cuticles are ragged and messy. Keep your cuticles looking good and healthy with a good quality cuticle cream. Never ever cut your cuticles. If you have ragged edges, push them in with a cuticle pusher and generously apply cream.



We all love the sun, but boy can it take its toll on our bodies – hands included. In the summer, you should always apply sunscreen to your hands, and always apply moisturizer on vacation – especially if you’re by the ocean. The salt in the air and water adds to the stress to your skin.



You knew this was coming didn’t you? Well it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. What you put in your body is reflected on the outside of it and that includes your hands. For soft skin and strong nails your balanced diet should include foods that are rich in vitamins B and E and protein. And of course, be sure to get plenty of the best health remedy in the world – water!

Now you know all the rules for keeping your hands soft it’s time to examine your routine. Do you apply as much care and attention to your hands as to the rest of your body?

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