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7 Things to Know about Freeze 247 Skincare ...

By Eliza

Freeze 24/7 skincare is an innovative system that many people are touting as a miracle. I know as well as you that this doesn’t necessarily make a line of products right for everyone. And I think we all know that some companies will say anything to sell their stuff. That being said, Freeze 24/7 skincare may be beneficial for you, but like anything, it makes sense to learn more about it before slapping it on your skin. You might also want to talk about it with your dermatologist before you buy any.

1 Claim Immediate Results

Proceed with caution here, but Freeze 24/7 skincare does make the stunning claim that you’ll notice immediate results. The company claims that research backs this up and that people who tried the cream noticed up to 90 percent fewer wrinkles within in 10 minutes. I’m skeptical about claims like this, but I suppose it could be true.

2 It Contains GABA

GABA, known in the skincare business as Gamma Aminobutyric Acid, is in all preparations of Freeze 24/7. This ingredient is a known muscle relaxer and when it’s used in skincare products, it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps your muscles relax during repetitive facial movements, which can help prevent the formation of new lines and wrinkles.

3 Never Tested on Animals

There are many skincare and cosmetic companies that have made the switch to testing products without using animals. Freeze 24/7 is one of them. That’s great for you because you know you are getting products that are humane and haven’t harmed or killed any innocent creatures. If animal free testing is something that’s important to you, Freeze 24/7 skincare products are ones you may want to try.

4 Cleansers Contain Sunscreen

I’m sure you know that you should be putting on sunscreen each and every day and reapplying every couple of hours when you spend time outdoors. Many facial creams and foundation products contain sunscreen. If you are a minimal products kind of girl, you’ll love that Freeze 24/7 cleansers are infused with SPF that stays put even after rinsing. That gives you some additional protection when you wash your face in the morning. Of course, you should never skip your regular sunscreen.

5 Several anti-Aging Treatments

We all want to stay looking young and fresh, right? Well, certain Freeze 24/7 products can help. Many are loaded with ingredients that fight the signs of aging and leave you with the youthful, radiant skin you love. Included are cleansers, an exofoliating cream and an eye serum.

6 They Offer a Lip Treatment

When you stand in the skincare aisle at any drugstore or cosmetics counter, you undoubtedly see loads of facial products and even a few for your feet and hands. But how many lip treatments can you find? Probably not that many. Well, Freeze 24/7 introduces their own lip plumping product. It claims to make your lips look fuller by hydrating and softening them.

7 It’s Not Right for Everyone

Despite all the wonderful claims that Freeze 24/7 makes, it isn’t the best choice for everyone, which is true of virtually any skincare line on the market. If you have certain skin conditions or have sensitive skin, you may want to talk to your doctor before trying anything new.

Have you ever heard of Freeze 24/7? Do you think you’d consider giving it a try?

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