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33 Homemade Scrubs for the Body Beautiful ...

By Neecey

With homemade scrubs you get to choose the ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting on your body. And you can also tailor them specifically to your needs, choosing the ingredients to tackle a specific issue, Here's a whole range of homemade scrubs you might consider trying.

Table of contents:

  1. Vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub
  2. Vanilla coconut sugar scrub
  3. Diy baby sugar body scrub
  4. Coconut oil and sugar shave scrub
  5. Diy coconut lavender salt scrub
  6. Coffee scrub
  7. Diy oatmeal and honey sugar scrub
  8. Diy coconut lime scrub
  9. Diy sea salt & sugar hand & body scrub
  10. Diy coffee sugar scrub
  11. Diy ginger lime brown sugar scrub
  12. Winter white sugar scrub
  13. Lavender vanilla salt scrub
  14. Manly hand scrub
  15. Diy coconut oil & sea salt face scrub
  16. Gentle lavender honey scrub
  17. Diy lemon lime sugar scrub
  18. Homemade chocolate sugar scrub
  19. Vanilla rose sugar scrub
  20. Homemade coconut salt scrub
  21. Diy gardener’s hand scrub
  22. Whipped mint green tea sugar scrub
  23. Homemade apple pie sugar scrub
  24. Sugar scrub cubes
  25. Homemade peppermint sugar scrub
  26. Diy lavender & coconut body scrub
  27. Homemade honey lemon sugar scrub
  28. Coconut and brown sugar scrub
  29. Orange sugar scrub
  30. Black tea and coconut oil
  31. Oatmeal honey scrub
  32. Diy natural-scrub-cinnamon
  33. Brown sugar lip scrub

1 Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Via Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub ...
One of the things you'll love most about homemade scrubs is that you can make them so quickly.

2 Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub

Via Easy Homemade Body Scrub: Vanilla ...
And another great thing about homemade scrubs is that as they take a few ingredients, they are pretty cheap.

3 DIY Baby Sugar Body Scrub

Via Sugar Baby
Get your skin as soft as a baby's bottom.

4 Coconut Oil and Sugar Shave Scrub

Via Homemade Shave Scrub and the ...
Get a better shave using this scrub beforehand.

5 DIY Coconut Lavender Salt Scrub

A great all over body scrub.

6 Coffee Scrub
Lots of homemade scrubs are based on sugar. This one isn't! Use for stretch marks.

7 DIY Oatmeal and Honey Sugar Scrub

Via "For My Honey" Oatmeal & ...
Scrubs are fantastic for your skin. The sugar acts as a gentle exfoliatant and gets rid of all the dead skin cells.

8 DIY Coconut Lime Scrub

Via DIY Coconut Lime Foot Scrub ...
Lime essential oil makes this smell fabulous. Use this on your feet to reduce hard skin.

9 DIY Sea Salt & Sugar Hand & Body Scrub

Via DIY Sea Salt and Sugar ...
Your skin is so soft after using a body scrub.

10 DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

Via DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub - ...
Sugar based coffee scrubs are cited as being the best to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

11 DIY Ginger Lime Brown Sugar Scrub

Via DIY: Ginger Lime Brown Sugar ...
Try this if you have dry skin.

12 Winter White Sugar Scrub

Via Winter White Sugar Scrub - ...
This is treat for skin that's been battered by the elements.

13 Lavender Vanilla Salt Scrub

Via Lavender Vanilla Salt Scrub #DIY ...
Smells delicious, works like magic.

14 Manly Hand Scrub

Via PaperTurtle: Manly Hand Scrub
Make this for your hunny so when he rubs his hands on your body, they're lovely and soft.

15 DIY Coconut Oil & Sea Salt Face Scrub

Via Sea Salt and Coconut Oil ...
No all homemade scrubs are suitable for your face - here's one that is.

16 Gentle Lavender Honey Scrub

Via Gentle Lavender Honey Scrub - ...
Great for face, hands and cuticles.

17 DIY Lemon Lime Sugar Scrub

Via Lemon Lime Sugar Scrub Recipe
A deliciously citrus treat for your skin.

18 Homemade Chocolate Sugar Scrub

Via Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe - ...
Now don't go eating it! Feed your skin not your taste buds.

19 Vanilla Rose Sugar Scrub

Via Vanilla Rose Sugar Scrub - ...
Delicate and feminine - make some for your mom for Mother's Day.

20 Homemade Coconut Salt Scrub

Via Homemade Coconut Salt Scrub - ...
Got dry cracked heels? The coconut oil and vitamin E oil will sort them out.

21 DIY Gardener’s Hand Scrub

Via Make Your Own Gardener's Hand ...
Not just gardeners but painters, crafters and cooks will love this.

22 Whipped Mint Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Via Whipped Green Tea Sugar Scrub ...
The benefits of green tea in a scrub.

23 Homemade Apple Pie Sugar Scrub

Via Pioneer Homemade Apple Pie Sugar ...
Some homemade body scrubs sound good enough to eat.

24 Sugar Scrub Cubes

Via Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe - ...
Homemade scrubs are economical. Use just one cube per shower.

25 Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Homemade scrubs make great DIY gifts. Make them more fun by using seasonal themes.

26 DIY Lavender & Coconut Body Scrub

Via DIY Lavender & Coconut Body ...
You can't go wrong with coconut oil and lavender.

27 Homemade Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub

Via Honey Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub ...
Honey is a wonderful ingredient to use topically.

28 Coconut and Brown Sugar Scrub

Via Simple DIY recipe for a ...
Use brown sugar instead of white if you want an enhanced exfoliating factor.

29 Orange Sugar Scrub

Via DIY Orange Sugar Scrub with ...
Use this in the morning and the zesty citrus burst will wake you up.

30 Black Tea and Coconut Oil

Via Black Tea Body Scrub+Online Store ...
Keep your skin moist and soft during the drying winter months.

31 Oatmeal Honey Scrub

Via Oatmeal Honey Face Scrub - ...
Without sugar, this is a boon to sensitive skin.

32 DIY Natural-scrub-cinnamon

Via Natural cinnamon Face, Hand and ...
Cinnamon has natural disinfectant, antiseptic and anti-microbial properties.

33 Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Via Brown Sugar Lip Scrub (3 ...
Your lips deserve to be pampered too.

Once you've got the idea, you can construct your own homemade scrubs recipes using your favorite ingredients. Are you ready to get mixing and scrubbing?

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