7 Nutrients with Skincare Benefits Both Topically and Internally ...


7 Nutrients with Skincare Benefits Both Topically and Internally ...
7 Nutrients with Skincare Benefits Both Topically and Internally ...

There are lots of nutrients with skincare benefits, but some work wonders in two ways. Eating a healthy diet packed with loads of nutrients is a great way to keep your skin healthy and fabulous. But if you want to give it an extra dose of benefit, you can also use skincare products that are infused with the nutrients that also provide benefits. Check out these nutrients with skincare benefits and your skin will thank you for years to come.

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Selenium is a mineral and probably one that you don’t hear about often. Your body needs it in trace amounts. The risk of a deficiency isn’t too high. However, it is one of the nutrients with skincare benefits, which means it pays to make sure you are getting ample amounts each day. Selenium has been backed by research as a natural way to help combat sun damage (though it should never replace wearing sunscreen). If you worry that you aren’t getting enough, talk to your doctor about a supplement or look for a skin cream that contains it.


Vitamin C

This is one of the nutrients that plays a couple of roles in your skin health. It’s responsible for a healthy immune system, which can help ward off certain skin issues. At the same time, vitamin C is an antioxidant. That means it fights free radical damage that can lead to skin problems. You can eat lots of strawberries, kiwis, citrus fruits and bell peppers to get your internal dose. Use skincare creams and lotions that contain vitamin C for topical benefits.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is actually one of the most important ones for your skin. It helps fight skin damage caused by sun exposure, but can also reduce and prevent the appearance of skin discoloration and wrinkling associated with aging. Vitamin E is abundant in nuts and seeds as well as avocado and it’s one of the ingredients in many skincare products.



Everyone needs adequate amounts of zinc for good overall health. However, if you suffer from acne, you may want to boost your intake. According to experts, zinc can help control oil production and help clear blemishes faster. It works both internally and topically, giving you a couple of easy options for ensuring that you are getting enough each and every day.


Coenzyme Q10

You’ve probably seen this on store shelves where supplements and vitamins are stocked. What you might not realize is that your body produces this antioxidant naturally. It plays a role in healthy cells, which can help prevent skin cancer now and as you get older. Most versions of coenzyme Q10 are over the counter supplements, but you can also look for specialized skincare products that contain it.



Nope, it isn’t just what pennies are made out of. Copper is another mineral that you need small doses of each day. In addition to other things, copper keeps your skin elastic and plump, which means it’s healthy and strong. Most people get plenty of copper through their diets and doctors caution against getting too much internally. You can however, use copper infused skincare products to reap the benefits.



It doesn’t sound like something you want to eat, does it? The truth is that this nutrient is found in several kinds of fruits and vegetables. It works to protect the connective tissue that makes up your skin. Skimp on this nutrient and you risk poor wound healing as well as skin elasticity problems. While eating plenty of produce ups your supply, you can also look for it as a supplement or in skin creams.

What do you do to take good care of your skin? Did you know that what you eat can also show up in your skincare products?

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Diatomeceous Earth is filled with a lot of silica.

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