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There’s nothing worse than buying a big container of your favorite skincare product, only to find out that you can’t use it all up before it expires. At the same time, it really stinks to run out of something long before you expected to. By understanding how much of specific skincare products you need to get the job done, you can calculate how long your products will last and never end up running out or throwing it away ever again. Here’s your go-to guide for getting the results you want out of all your skincare products, courtesy of the skincare experts at Redbook magazine.

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Think Half Dollars when It Comes to Face Wash

When you use face wash, it’s pretty important to be sure you’re using enough because that’s how you get your pores cleaned out. That prevents breakouts and blemishes. In general, you need about a half dollar diameter sized amount in your hand before you get started. For pump products, this usually equates to three pumps. For squeeze products, simply squirt until you have enough.


Use a Full Shot of Sunscreen

Your shot glasses are good for more than just a ladies night celebration. When you apply sunscreen to your body, you need to use enough that it fills a shot glass. It might sound like a lot, but sunscreen only works if you use an ample amount. Since too much unprotected sun exposure can lead to signs of aging and skin cancer, you never want to skimp on it. Once you get familiar with how much you need, you probably won’t need to measure it with your shot glass anymore.


Go Easy on the Serum

Because serum is super concentrated, you don’t need much for it to works its magic. Three to five drops is all you need for your entire face and neck. You won’t get any more benefit from using more and since serums can be pricey, you definitely don’t want to waste it.


Let Your Night Cream do the Work for You

The reason you wear night cream is to repair damage and fight signs of aging. So you might assume that more is better. That’s simply not the case. Again, some brands of night cream are super expensive so you don’t want to use more than you need. A grape-sized amount is all you need to get the benefits from your night cream. Any more than that is overkill.


Keep Irritation Away by Using the Right Amount of Retinol

Retinol is a magical thing that can do wonders for all sorts of skin woes. Whether you use an over the counter version or your dermatologist prescribed one, you only need to use a drop about the size of a pea. Retinol can be irritating so using more than you need may cause more harm than good.


Stick with a Tiny Bit if You Use Face Oil

We don’t all use face oil, but those of us who do need only two or three drops for your face and neck. If you apply the oil correctly, you will find that this is the perfect amount of product to see the results you crave.


Compare Your Facial Moisturizer to a Nickel

When it comes to your facial moisturizer, you need more than you do for some of your other products. You’ll want to squirt out an amount that is the same size as a nickel in the palm of your hand. This is plenty to hydrate the skin on your face and neck. You can use up to a quarter-sized amount if you need it for the SPF.

Are you using the right amount? Which products have you been using too much or too little of?

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