7 Korean Skin Care Products That Will Transform Your Skin ...

If you’ve ever dabbled in Korean dramas or KPop, you’ve probably noticed how flawless the skin of Korean celebrities is! But the thing is, it’s not only the celebrities that tend to have this envy awakening quality; it’s also most of the Korean population that religiously dedicates a fraction of their time to managing their skin. When it comes to skin care routines, they have a 10 step process that puts other skin care routines to shame. The bottom line is that Koreans take skin care seriously and treat their skin like a baby's. So it’s time we jump on the bandwagon and come one step closer to that beautiful glowing porcelain skin we’ve always dreamed of, with these Korean skincare products others swear by!

1. Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel

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This affordable soothing gel contains 92% aloe vera leaf extract and claims to provide moisture that will penetrate deep into the skin. And according to numerous reviews, it does just that and more! This gel not only leaves the skin fully hydrated and smooth, but it also helps improve hyperpigmentation and sun damage caused by repeated exposure. It feels cool to the skin upon application and absorbs quickly right after use. And to those of you with oily skin, I know you are probably concerned about the shine, but with this product that shouldn't be a problem!

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