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Tiny Skincare Tweaks for Girls Who Want the Most Perfect Fall Skin ...

By Alicia

Our skin needs change every time the seasons do. It makes sense. Just like we need different clothing for different seasons, we need different skincare or perhaps just a tweak in the same product. These are some ways you might want to consider tweaking your skincare for fall.

1 Possibly Cutting Acne Medicine Back

One tweak you might consider making in your skincare for fall is to cut back on your acne medication. While we’re all different, most people have more acne issues in the summer. The heat, sweating, extra oil, grime and sunscreen can be contributing factors to acne. If that’s true for you then you may want to cut back in the fall. Tweak it until you find the right amount to control your acne without over-drying your face.

2 Upping Your Moisturizer to Both Morning and Night

My skin always gets dryer in the fall and I think that’s true for many people. You may need to give your skin extra moisture. You can do this by applying your moisturizer twice a day instead of just once. I help myself remember to do this by storing one moisturizer in my makeup drawer and one on my nightstand. It’s a tip that makes it a little easier.

3 Consider Adding in a Facial Oil

If you’re battling extremely dry skin then you may need more than extra moisturizer. Not only is dry skin a look most of us aren’t going for, it can be painful. It’s awful when your skin feels tight and cracks. It can even burn from dryness. Adding in facial oil can be the solution to painful, dry skin.

4 Exfoliate Once to Twice a Week

Exfoliating is something most of us need more as the cooler weather months are upon us. It can help to remove the dull skin that winter can cause. If you’re missing your summer glow then this is the trick to getting glowing again. Experiment to see if your skin does better being exfoliated once or twice a week. It’s possible to over-exfoliate.

5 Stash Some Makeup Removing Cloths by Your Bed

The days become shorter and the nights become longer as the seasons change. This can make you feel sleepy earlier in the evenings. Having makeup removing cloths by your bed gives you no excuse to not remove your makeup. It only takes a few moments to take your makeup off and you can do it from the comfort of your bed. You can indulge the urge to hibernate and still have clear, beautiful skin.

6 Lip Balm before Goodnights and Goodbyes

Your lips need special attention too. Lips are more prone to chapping and cracking in the winter months. It’s good to apply lip balm throughout your day, but it’s especially important at two specific times: before you go outdoors and before you go to sleep. Applying lip balm before going outdoors protects your lips from the elements of the weather. Slathering some lip balm on before you go to sleep is another great time because it gives your lips a long period of time to absorb the benefits of it.

7 Remember Changing Skin Equals the Need to Change Your Makeup

Your skincare products aren’t the only thing you may need to tweak as the calendar turns toward fall. You may need to make some changes in your makeup as well. Most of us want a thicker coverage in the winter. We don’t have the same summer skin we love seeing peek through. You may need a moisturizing formula of foundation, too.

These are some tweaks to make in your skincare for fall. Does your skin change as the seasons do? What are your most difficult skin issues?

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