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These Are the Divine Benefits Aloe Vera Can Have on Your Skin ...

By Neecey

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians called aloe vera the “plant of immortality”? Whether that’s true or not, we modern girls should know that aloe vera is indeed one of the gifts from Mother Nature that can enhance our beauty routine. It might not be a miracle plant but it contains phytochemicals that feed our skin and hair with lots of yummy benefits. Let’s see just why aloe vera should be in your beauty routine.

1 Improves Complexion

One of the many beauty benefits of aloe vera is that is improves your complexion when you drink aloe vera juice daily. Brimming with essential nutrients that help to maintain a healthy balance, aloe vera juice removes dead cells from the skin, helps to replenish new ones and leaves your complexion looking smooth and healthy.

2 Improves Skin Firmness

Other beauty benefits of aloe vera include the fact that it improves skin firmness. It contains antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and beta carotene, all responsible for making skin firmer, better hydrated and more elastic. In other words, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines and gives you smooth and glowing skin that looks and feels healthy, fresh and youthful.

3 Helps to Reduce Inflammation and Redness

Its anti-inflammatory properties make aloe vera an ideal remedy for gently getting rid of acne. Aloe vera gel can be used as a normal face pack or you could drink aloe vera juice daily as part of your health and beauty regime or massage aloe vera oil into your skin.

4 Promotes Healing of Skin Issues

Aloe vera's anti-allergic properties make it a perfect ally in the battle with skin diseases like itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis. You can use it to help with insect bites, blisters and other allergic reactions or simply use it if your skin is sensitive to other beauty products.

5 Effective against Sunburns, Dark Patches under Your Eyes and Stretch Mark Reduction

As it contains the hormones axim and gibberellins which are known to promote wound healing and have anti-inflammatory properties, you can use aloe vera effectively in the treatment of sunburns and to reduce stretch marks. Aloe vera acts like a protective agent to keep harmful sun rays at bay. As a rich source of vitamins A, C, E and B12, aloe vera is a great ally in doing away with dark under-eye circles. Boasting minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and amino acids, aloe vera can work like a mini-rejuvenator and rid you of unsightly dark marks under your eyes or ageing marks if used as a facial mask and scrub. Fair-skinned people will find it reduces sun-tanning and hyper pigmentation very effectively.

6 Ideal Natural Moisturizer for Dry Skin

If you are suffering from dehydrated skin and want to moisturize properly, use aloe vera. Massage it into your skin to improve softness and elasticity, and restore the pH balance of your skin naturally at the same time. This is particularly noticeable if you use aloe vera in summer for your feet - remember, all those dry patches you get from wearing sandals and walking around barefoot? Using a scoopful of aloe vera with sugar and coarsely-ground rice powder as a scrub every night before going to bed will leave you with baby-soft feet. It removes dead skin cells without dehydrating your skin.

7 Treats Swollen Lips and Prevents Dryness

Either drink a daily helping of aloe vera or massage aloe vera gel gently into the affected lips. Repeat the process three times a week for best results. Among the lesser known beauty benefits of aloe vera is the fact that it reduces dryness in lips, protecting lips from cracking in cold or windy climates.

Impressive huh? Are you going to be sourcing some aloe vera beauty products your next beauty shop?

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