17 Things Dermatologists Buy at the Drugstore ...

By Eliza

17 Things Dermatologists Buy at the Drugstore ...

When it comes to shopping for skincare products, it pays to find out what an expert would recommend. My dermatologist always has suggestions and I bet yours does too. Derms are a great source of advice when it comes to taking care of your skin because they are the experts. Buy these things from the drugstore and you can get great skin without having to spend a ton of cash.

1 Sunscreen is Always a Good Bet

Because you should be wearing sunscreen every day, you probably go through it pretty quickly. It’s totally fine to stock up your local drugstore because it all works basically the same.

2 Skin Cleansing Cloths Are Great

When you don’t have time to wash your makeup off at the end of the day or you just don’t have the energy, a facial cleansing cloth is your second best option.

3 CC Cream in Your Skin Tone

CC cream moisturizes and evens out your complexion. Make sure you choose one that matches skin tone, but don’t worry if you only spend a couple dollars at the drugstore.

4 Run of the Mill Body Moisturizer is Totally Fine

You should be applying moisturizer after a shower when you skin is damp. Doing that allows you to use your basic drugstore lotion without an issue.

5 Go with an over-the-Counter Retinol Cream

My dermatologist once gave me a sample of prescription retinol cream, but the kind you can buy at the drugstore is just as good and, in fact, is a better choice for girls with sensitive skin.

6 Acne Wash is Perfect from the Drugstore

You don’t have to buy the pricey acne cleansers you see on TV. Especially if your acne is pretty mild. The kind you get at the drugstore is just fine.

7 Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Shaving cream is definitely something that is great to buy at the drugstore. You can save money without having to sacrifice a good product.

8 Moisturizing Body Wash Should Have a Place on Your List

If your skin gets dry, you will really love what a deep moisturizing body wash can do for you. The kind you find on drugstore shelves is great for getting the job done.

9 Face Creams Don’t Have to Cost a Lot

I buy my night cream and my day cream at the drugstore and I love the results! There are lots of brands that are recommended by dermatologists so you know you’re getting a product that will fight wrinkles and moisturize your skin.

10 Drugstore Concealer is Awesome

No matter your skin tone or skin type, you can find an effective concealer at your drugstore. Both the stick concealer and the liquid concealer are great options.

11 Foaming Facial Cleanser is a Good Buy

If you prefer to suds up to wash your face, the facial cleansers at drugstores can get the job done just as well as facial wipes.

12 Lip Balm from the Drugstore is Fine

Lip balm is important for warding off dry, cracked lips so make sure you grab a tube or two while you’re at the drugstore. It’s cheap and totally worth the few dollars it costs.

13 You Need Petroleum Jelly

You might be surprised to find that dermatologists rely on this drugstore staple. It’s perfect for moisturizing extra dry skin and it works for removing makeup.

14 Acne Cream Works Just Fine

When you notice a pimple popping up, acne cream is a good thing to have on hand. The versions on drugstore shelves are ideal and work quickly.

15 You Are Totally Fine with Drugstore Makeup

I know this is a hotly debated topic, but there are loads of great cosmetic brands at drugstores so don’t feel like you have to shell out for the pricey stuff at department stores or specialty shops.

16 Wrinkle Cream from the Drugstore Works Great

I’m in my 30s, which means I’m furiously trying to fight wrinkles and the other signs of aging. Over-the-counter wrinkle creams work just fine.

17 Any Kind of Drugstore Primer is Perfect

Primer is perfect for evening out your complexion and giving you a clean slate for your makeup. Drugstore brands work really well.

Do you buy any of these things at the drugstore? What else do you buy there?

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Very true!

I agree...it's pointless when there are no brands named. I'll just stick w/clinique.

Without actually providing info about which brands they buy, this article is pretty much useless.

I thought you weren't supposed to use makeup remover wipes

Obviously not advised by a real dermatologist. Vaseline does nothing good for the skin lol. Not a moisturizer just a sealant.

I agree!

Basically every beauty product 😂

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