7 Exfoliating Products to Keep Your Skin Soft in the Cold ...


7 Exfoliating Products to Keep Your Skin Soft in the Cold ...
7 Exfoliating Products to Keep Your Skin Soft in the Cold ...

Cold temperatures can be tough on your skin, causing it to become rough and dry. Exfoliation removes the rough, dry skin to reveal fresh skin underneath. Exfoliating is a wonderful skin treatment for your face and body but you don’t want to over-exfoliate because that can cause skin irritation and burning. Once to twice a week is usually the maximum you want to use most of these products.

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Philosophy Resurface: the Microdelivery Peel

Philosophy Resurface: the Microdelivery Peel I love a good facial scrub and this one by Philosophy delivers! When I ran out of my previous scrub, this was the one waiting on my wish list. This’s a two step process that uses Vitamin C and peptides to revitalize your skin. It’s an exfoliating product that you can feel working as you use it. It’s pricey but you can also think of it as an investment in your skin.
$72 at ‌Sephora.com


Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Fresh Sugar Face Polish I’m in love with Fresh products! This brand is my latest skincare obsession. And once you use some of their products, you’ll probably feel the same way. This face polish is formulated naturally with brown sugar and strawberries. It smells as good as it feels, making it one you’re likely to reach for time and time again.
$62 at ‌‌Sephora.com


St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub

St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub If you’re in a budget crunch and pinching pennies then you may want to try this product. I’ve been in the spot where even bargain skincare was a splurge so I understand! St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub isn’t as gentle as some of the others on the market but you can use it with a gentle touch. It does get the job done. And at this price, you can freely use it for other areas of your body you want to exfoliate unlike other pricey facial exfoliating products.
$3.19 at Target.com


Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Tree Hut products are amazing and they’re an amazing bargain. They deliver good results and smell wonderful. This sugar scrub is great for exfoliating your whole body. It’s a great product to stick in your shower through the winter months. It’s what you’ll grab when you really want to treat your skin to something luxurious.
$11.89 at ‌Amazon.com


KP Duty Body Scrub

KP Duty Body Scrub No one likes the feel of bumpy chicken-like skin on their arms! I’ve dealt with this issue too, and understand where you’re coming from if this’s something you’ve got. This product is formulated specifically for this skin issue. It works through a combination of physical exfoliating and a chemical peel process. It comes in a 16 oz size so it’s going to last you a long while.
$46 at ‌‌sephora.com‌


Mary Kay Satin Hands 👏 Set

Mary Kay Satin Hands 👏 Set Hand issues in the fall and winter? This’s the product you’ve been dreaming of. The Satin Hands Set by Mary Kay is a three step process that’ll leave you with silky soft hands. It’s a treatment you can do daily, although after a few times you may not find you need to. It makes that much of a difference in your hands.
$35 at Mary Kay


Earth Therapeutics Refreshing Foot Scrub

Earth Therapeutics Refreshing Foot Scrub Feet 👣need their own unique scrub, wouldn’t you agree? The skin on feet is usually much rougher than elsewhere on your body. This foot scrub is made with that in mind. It’s a natural, herbal recipe that will scrub away rough areas on your feet leaving them baby soft. With this product, your feet will be ready and waiting when sandal season rolls around again.
$9.78 at ‌‌‌‌amazon.com‌

These are 7 exfoliating products you need to get you through the cold weather months. Now it’s your turn. What’re your favorite exfoliating products?

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