7 Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Spring ...


7 Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Spring ...
7 Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Spring ...

Spring has finally sprung, and now it’s time for skirts, dresses, shorts, rompers, and peep toes. But, girl, you have to get your skin ready for spring before you bare it! If you’re not quite ready for warmer weather, print this list and tack it up by your vanity, then check them off, one by one… here are 7 ways to get your skin ready for spring!

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Examine It

It’s a very good idea to closely examine every inch of your skin for early signs of sun damage and skin cancer, so why not do it every year at the start of spring? Look for any moles or marks that have changed, for blemishes that don’t seem to heal, or for anything else that gives you pause. If you find anything that makes you wonder, have your doctor check it out immediately! Most forms of skin cancer are curable if they’re detected early, and you are your own best, first line of defense!


Buy New Sunscreen

Did you know that sunscreen and sunblock expire? Get your skin ready for spring by checking the expiration date stamped on your sunscreens. If it’s expired, get a new bottle. This goes for moisturizers and lip balms with built-in SPF protection, too.


Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Wax, shave, and tweeze your way to spring-ready skin… now that winter’s over, you won’t be able to hide those unshaven legs or that “messy” bikini area in jeans. If there’s a little too much to handle on your own, schedule an appointment at a local spa…



But a good sugar scrub and exfoliate your skin so it’s ready for spring. All winter long, your skin has been dry and rough, so it’s time to slough away all that dead skin to reveal the soft, glowing skin underneath. My favorite is by The Body Shop… but I’m sure you can find marvelous scrubs by your own favorite beauty brands!


Update Make-up

Get your skin ready for spring by throwing away old make-up, and also by updating your collection with lighter, brighter spring colors! Invest in a good bronzer or highlighter to give you a sun-kissed look without the UV damage, and buy a pretty new pink lip gloss, too!


Switch Moisturizer

No that winter’s over, you won’t need such a heavy moisturizer to combat the dry, cold air. It’s time to switch to a lighter moisturizer, like Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar with SPF or Clean & Clear Dual action Moisturizer. It’s time to put your best face forward!


Time for a Mani/pedi!

Last but not least, it’s time to either schedule a mani/pedi at your favorite spa... or to do it at home! Either way, choose a nail varnish color that you’ll love to show off in your fab new peep-toe wedges… maybe a brilliant pink or a frosty pale blue?

Now that you’ve done all of these things, your skin is ready for spring, my dear! Or… maybe you have another skin-care tradition to add to this regimen? How do you get your skin ready for spring? Do tell!

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Also wanted to recommend my latest moisturizer obsession, Moisturizing Skin Cream from Yu-Be Skin Care. It's been the best at getting rid of my gross winter dryness and cracking!

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