7 Things That Cause Wrinkles ...

Aging gracefully and aging prematurely – which one would you rather choose? Some prefer not to think about it until it’s too late, some are literally obsessed with it while some prefer baby steps – painless, small lifestyle changes that often bring amazing results. Not all things that cause wrinkles can be foreseen or prevented, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit and wait, hoping time will be good to you. So take a look at this 7 most popular things that cause wrinkles and decide which aspects of your life could be improved in a way that says, “Wrinkles? Not in this lifetime!”

1. Smiling and Frowning

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Photo Credit: Yasemin Güngör

Facial expressions like smiling and frowning do have a lot to do with wrinkles but that doesn’t mean you need to think twice before deciding to express your true feelings. You can, however, reduce wrinkle-inducing facial expressions that have nothing to do with feelings but habits instead. For example – did you know that drinking through a straw also creates wrinkles? Yup! Just lose the straw and you’re already doing something good for your face!

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