8 Sun Protection Tips ...


8 Sun Protection Tips ...
8 Sun Protection Tips ...

Sun Protection Tips, like these, are a must-have this summer, especially since we all know the damage sun can do. There are so many worries – those UV rays get more harmful every day. You don't want to deal with any sunburn, but there are far more serious considerations too, like long-term skin damage and skin cancer. Following sun protection tips means far more than keeping yourself safe from a nasty burn or peeling skin. The good thing is, you can still enjoy tons of fun in the summer sun – as long as you keep in mind the following sun protection tips!

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Sunscreen before Clothing

Putting on sunscreen before you get dressed is a logical sun protection tip that you just can't live without. The purpose of this is to make sure everything gets covered. When you have to apply your lotion around your clothes, you can miss lots of spots, which can lead to surprising and painful burns. Besides, this gives you a reason to run around nekkid for a bit while your skin absorbs your sunscreen!


Get Protected inside

It's also a good idea to apply your sunscreen inside, because your skin has to absorb it before it will protect you properly. So, as a matter of fact, feel free to run around with no clothes on for 20 minutes or so. That's how long it takes to get fully protected!


Try a Supplement

Taking a supplement and/or vitamin is a sun protection tip that doesn't have to do with the outside. You can actually protect yourself from the inside out. You can look for aptly named Sun Pills or other supplements meant to help you protect yourself from harmful UV rays. You still need to wear sunscreen, but they still help a lot.


Keep Your Protection Fresh

Just like everything else, sunscreen has an expiration date. You might think it's okay to use the bottle you have leftover from two summers ago, but the fact of the matter is, that stuff might not work any longer. You should buy a new bottle every summer. If you find you have a lot leftover, try buying smaller bottles.


Don't Forget Your Eyes

You need to protect the skin around your eyes, but regular sunscreens can cause lots of burning and irritation. That doesn't mean you should go without protecting your pretty eyes, though. Instead, look for an appropriate sunscreen stick or mineral powder. They're designed to work on the thin, delicate skin around your eyes.

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Dress for Success

You have to dress right when you're outside in the summer, that's an essential sun protection tip. For instance, a lot of people forget to protect their scalps. You can't really use sunscreen on your head, but the alternative could mean suffering from an awful, painful sunburn on that sensitive skin. Just invest in a good hat, whether it's a sunhat or a ball cap. And actually, you can look for misting sunscreen sprays that will work for the scalp, as long as you don't mind looking a little greasy.


Double up

The fact is, sometimes one layer of sunscreen is simply not enough. If you're going to the beach or you'll be spending a lot of time walking around under the blazing sun, take some extra time and lather on two layers. Better still, use two different sunscreens, such as a chemical one and an actual, physical sunblock.


Make up Your Makeup

A lot of makeup contains those three magic letters – SPF – leading you to believe that if you're wearing your “protective” foundation or powder, you're fine. You're not. You'd need to wear 15 times more powder than usual to adequately protect your skin. Layer instead: moisturize with sunscreen, and then apply your makeup; that's one of the best sun protection tips you can follow.

As long as you try and follow these sun protection tips, you shouldn't have to worry about those baking UV rays doing you any harm. You just have to take care and protect your skin – it will definitely thank you later! Do you have any other sun protection tips that will keep your skin protected and sunburn free? Which of these sun protection tips do you always follow? Do tell!

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Great tips! I never go without sunscreen,my skin is so sensitive to the sun so I take extra precautions to keep myself safe,

Denne her app er fantastisk!

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