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8 Very Good Reasons to Wear Sunscreen Every Day ...

By Jennifer

There are so many reasons to wear sunscreen, but so many of us are still stuck in "tan-is-healthy" mode, something I like to call "taxorexic." I certainly can't force anyone to wear it, but I can share some of the reasons to wear sunscreen. Here are just a few...

1 Younger-looking Skin

Who doesn’t want healthy, younger-looking skin? I know I do! This is one of the most compelling reasons to wear sunscreen — to avoid that awful Keith Richards, leathery, lined, age-spotted, wrinkled skin… yikes!

2 Less Risk of Skin Cancer

While my first reason was pure vanity, this reason to wear sunscreen is all healthy and safety. Wearing sunscreen every day, even on overcast days, will decrease your risk of developing skin cancer. This is especially true of melanoma, the deadliest of skin cancers… which also happens to be the kind that most often kills women aged 20 to 29.

3 It’s Built-in!

Check the label of your favorite lotion or moisturizer, and you’ll see it probably has sunscreen built in. That’s so convenient! Be sure to reapply it throughout the day, though, since most built-ins aren’t meant to last all day.

4 It’s Waterproof

If you’re a swimmer, you probably already know that most sunblocks come in waterproof form. You also know it’s somehow much easier to burn in the water… which is another reason to wear sunscreen. What you may not know is that, even though they’re labeled as «waterproof,» they will still wash away with time, so be sure to reapply frequently.

5 You’ll Still Tan through It

Until my doctor pointed this out to me, I had no idea — it is still possible to tan through a sunscreen, and in fact, if you notice you’re browning up, it’s time to reapply! Careful application and re-application of sunscreen means you’re a lot less likely to burn, but chances are, you’ll still tan a little. I think this is one of the best reasons to wear sunscreen… imagine how badly and painfully you’d burn if you didn’t!

6 It’s Safer than a Tee!

Did you know that a plain cotton tee shirt, especially when wet, provides almost no sun protection? Unless your tee is designed specifically to provide SPF-rated sun protection, don’t count on it, and be sure to wear traditional lotion sunblock or sunscreen under it.

7 The Labels Will Be Clearer

Confused by the labels on sunscreens and sunblocks? You’re not alone, and last summer, after nearly 30 years in limbo, the FDA approved a new set of guidelines on how sunscreens and sunblocks should be labeled. The new labeling requirements will take effect this summer, and will help confused consumers, like you and me, figure out which products provide the coverage we need. Look for a broad spectrum sunblock with an SPF rating of 30, and reapply it every 2 hours. So much simpler!

Now you know some of the reasons to wear sunscreen, and even how to wear it, too! Which of these reasons will convince you to wear sunblock? Or do you still plan to tan, skin cancer and early aging be damned? Do tell!

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