8 Products You Should Never Put on Your Skin ...

With so many skin care products out there have you ever thought about the many ingredients in these products to not put on your skin? There are actually quite a few common ingredients that we might be using that are far from healthy or beneficial in any way. Check out these 8 products you should never put on your skin to keep skin safe and strong!

1. Household Products

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Household products and cleaners are definitely products to not put on your skin. I’m not saying you purposely apply household cleaners to your skin but it’s not unheard of to inadvertently get some products on your hands or arms. Bleach, detergent and drain cleaners all contain ingredients that can cause irritation, burns, or even damage to your respiratory system. Celeb nutritionist Kimberly Snyder recommends using only natural household cleaners to avoid any possible reactions.

2. Sulfates

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Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are two sulfates frequently found in hair care and some body washes are both products you shouldn’t put on your skin. Body washes also commonly contain parabens for longer shelf life as well as other chemicals that can cause premature aging and have been linked to the increase in cancer.

3. Isopropyl Alcohol

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Isopropyl alcohol which can be found in antibacterial soaps and shampoos is the epitome of what not to wear on your skin! It sounds pretty benign and it’s a pretty common ingredient but it’s an active ingredient in anti-freeze! Isopropyl alcohol is said to diminish your skin’s ability to naturally protect you against bacteria, viruses and mold. What’s even more alarming is that it can act as a vehicle to introduce other chemicals into your skin.

4. Phthalates

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More products to not put your skin! You can find the next skin offender phthalates in perfumes, deodorant and hair spray. They’re actually industrial compounds that are added to beauty products for a variety of reasons. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, phthalates can cause premature puberty, low sperm count and disrupting hormones and that’s just in the poor lab animals!

5. Mineral Oil

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Mineral oil sounds pretty natural like mineral makeup but they’re more of the products you shouldn't put on your skin. Often found in moisturizers, cleansers and baby care products, this by-product of crude oil causes superficial problems for the skin but can also cause a plethora of other side effects when ingested for constipation. This product isn’t as dangerous as others on this list but it’s still scary to use this product!

6. Formaldehyde

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What not to wear on skin? Formaldehyde for sure! This ingredient can be found in nail polish, body wash and shampoo. Formaldehyde is part of the big three so you if you’ve seen nail polishes advertised as big- three-free, it’s free of this preservative. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics says that formaldehyde absorbed through skin can cause skin irritation or even cancer.

7. Acetone

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Organic beauty company Sophyto had some harsh words for the next what not to wear on your skin product. Acetone isn’t just in nail polish remover anymore, scrubs, acne treatments, cleaners and moisturizers all contain the harmful compound. According to Sophyto, acetone can harm the brain and has been connected to cancer and toxicity. It’s also known to dry out your skin and irritate it so stay far away from acetone!

8. Propylene Glycol

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This chemical is another one of the products you shouldn’t put on your skin. This chemical can be found in everything from shampoo, hair dye, shaving gel and tanning lotion. The Environmental Working Group has identified over 1000 common beauty products that contain this chemical which is linked to immunotoxicity, developmental problems, cancer as well as neurotoxicity.

It’s pretty scary to pick up a beauty product after reading this list of products to not put on your skin but I’d rather know than find out the hard way. It might seem like nothing is safe anymore, but if you get more familiar with the names of these damaging ingredients, it’ll be easier to spot the products you’ll want to avoid. Check out ewg.org for more information on how to pick safer products and ingredients to stay away from.

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