9 Things to Never Put on Your Skin ...


9 Things to Never Put on Your Skin ...
9 Things to Never Put on Your Skin ...

While there are lots of “natural” skin care products out there, they somehow still manage to contain things not to put on your skin. This might come as a surprise to some but lenient labeling and marketing rules allow some products to be labeled as natural and safe when they’re far from it! Take a look at this list of things to never allow on to your skin to avoid any skin disasters and maintain your healthy skin!

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Benzoyl Peroxide

This common skin care ingredient is found in many acne treatments but it’s also one to watch out for! According to skin care expert Susan Jeske, benzoyl peroxide has been known to contain carcinogens, can damage cells in your body and can be toxic to your body if inhaled! If you’re looking for products to fight acne, try out some of the truly all-natural treatments like apple cider vinegar, honey or tea tree oil and avoid this toxic crusader!



Another one of the very common things to never put on your skin is triclosan. Sound familiar? You can find this in lots of liquid and antibacterial soaps, oral care products and makeup and it’s far from healthy! Triclosan has been linked to birth defects, endocrine system abnormalities, weakening our immune system and more. Triclosan might sound like a harmless ingredients helping up fight grime and bacteria, but it’s not as helpful as it might seem!



When we hear the word zinc, we might think of it as an essential mineral but it’s also found in sunscreens and is a skin care ingredient. While zinc oxide is somewhat controversial, some say it’s totally safe while a study by Missouri University of Health and Science have found that nano-sized particles of the mineral can leave us more vulnerable to skin cancer. So, zinc in some forms have been found to be dangerous, but one sure side effect of using this on your skin is that it clogs your pores.


Toxic Trio

This next list of things not to put on your skin are commonly found in perfumes, namely celebrity perfumes! Look out for ethanol, acetone and ethyl acetate in your perfumes, they have been deemed hazardous waste by the EPA. These ingredients can cause a number of health problems like nervous system disorders, respiratory failure and kidney disease.



Petroleum is an all too common toxic skin care ingredient. Petroleum, which is a fossil fuel, can be found lurking in not just lip products but also lotion, hair products, makeup, toothpaste and even in clothes! 95% of the chemicals used in perfumes are also derived from petroleum! Petroleum is one of the top ingredients in health and beauty products these days and it can clog pores, may cause acne and it’s been linked to skin cancer. All this time I thought petroleum was so harmless but it’s a pretty gross and scary ingredient to avoid!



I think the presence of this toxic ingredient and thing not to put on your skin in lipstick created quite a buzz. And while we might already be aware of it, it’s still dangerous and worth mentioning again! The study done by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that 61% of lipsticks in 33 popular brands contained trace amounts of lead. Yeah, only trace amounts but think about the number of times you apply lipstick or lick your lick and expose yourself to this nasty chemical! Lead can cause learning disabilities, seizure and even death.



This toxic skin care ingredient can irritate your skin, respiratory tract and in high concentrations it can even depress the central nervous system. There are some studies that also suggest that acetone can damage the liver, but there isn’t a definitely answer on that yet. You can try using a non-acetone polish remover or just be very careful when you do use it if you only use it on occasion.


FD&C Color Pigments

If you take a look at your beauty product ingredient list and see this toxic skin care ingredient, drop it like it’s hot! These pigments that make many beauty, pharmaceutical, and food items look good are linked to a number of health risks. Some of these pigments have been known to deplete oxygen from blood and are known to be carcinogenic. Although these dyes are FDA approved, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect!



When we think of chlorine, we think of it as something to add to our pool to keep it clean, but it’s also one of the things not to put on your skin. I’m not saying you have to give up your summer afternoons at the pool but it’s important to know the effects of this chemical! Chlorine has been known to contribute to allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and more.

It can be frustrating that there are so many things not to put on your skin that are so widely used in everyday products! Even though we might feel like we’re better off not knowing since it’s so common, we should still be aware of the bad stuff out there so we can make informed decisions on what products to use and how often we use them!

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is petroleum jelly dangerous too??!! i've been using it for quite a while... O-O

The particles of Petroleum Jelly are too large to enter pores, and therefore are not able to clog them up.

the side effects of petroleum jelly are very little as compare to its Benefits, and there are always benefits as well as side effects of Products while they are in Nature, Minerals, Petroleum, Artificial, or whatever they are.

I thought that the best sunscreen for people with acne-prone skin was a zinc based sunscreen because it doesn't clog the pores as bad as others do?

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