8 Tips on How to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Correct Order ...


8 Tips on How to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Correct Order ...
8 Tips on How to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Correct Order ...

Ladies, have you ever thought about how to apply skin care products in the most effective order? I know most of us can probably do our entire skin care routine with our eyes closed. But, did you know there are certain steps to take in applying skin care products to ensure that your skin is getting the most out of each product? Take a look at these 8 tips on layering skin care products and see if you're getting your money's worth out of each product!

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The very first step in how to apply skin care products starts with a fresh, clean face. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser to wash your face to get rid of all traces of dirt, makeup and oil. Keep in mind that you want to be gentle when you wash your face and avoid pulling or abrasively scrubbing your face. After you’re done cleansing, follow up with a toner (if you use one).



Next up on this list of skin care steps is to apply any acne treatment or medicated creams. Dermatologist Dr. Susan C. Taylor recommends applying any type of medicated product including anti-aging treatments first to allow it to penetrate into the skin. Often times people think that a product isn’t working but it could just be that it’s applied in the wrong order!



When layering skin care products, make sure you apply your serum before you moisturize. Dr. Meghan O’Brien from Physicians Formula says that serums are more potent than other products so they should be applied before others in order to really seep in to your skin. Another reason to apply serum prior to moisturizers is that some serums tend to be drying so you’ll want to chase that serum with a nice, soothing cream.



The next step in how to apply skin care products is to apply moisturizer. Dr. Amy Wechsler states that although using moisturizer can’t change your skin, it helps your skin stay hydrated and will strengthen the barrier function in your skin. Using moisturizer regularly helps you to maintain that dewy and youthful glow so you’re doing your skin a lot of good!



This next tip in skin care steps has been the topic of much debate in the skin care world. Some skin experts swear by applying sunscreen prior to moisturizer while others say that you can reverse the order without any problems. Here’s the thing, if you’re using a chemical sunscreen, it’s best to apply it before moisturizer. And if you’re using a physical sunscreen that acts as a shield between the sun and your skin, it’s okay to apply it after moisturizer. I think the best way to avoid confusion is by using a moisturizing sunscreen that can do double duty!



If you’re following these skin care steps in the evening, the next step to follow would be to skip the SPF and apply an eye cream. I’m sure you’ve heard it a gazillion times, but it’s best to dot eye creams with your ring finger since they’re the most gentle and the skin around your eyes is the thinnest. Make sure you don’t pull or stretch the skin in this delicate area to avoid saggy skin and apply eye creams along your orbital bone.


Light to Heavy

One of the rules to remember in how to apply skin care products is to always apply the lightest products, which are usually water-based first and then layer on to the heavier, mostly oil-based products last. If you do the opposite and apply heavier products first, the lighter product probably won’t get the chance to sink in to your skin and ever do its job! The heavier product won’t have any problem penetrating through the lighter one so it’ll work just fine being layered on top of another treatment.


Give It Time

When you’re layering skin care products, make sure you’re giving each product enough time to really get into your skin so that it has a chance to really get in there and do what it’s supposed to. I know we’re often rushed in the morning or we’re tired from a long day so we skip steps or just saturate our faces with multiple products, but we’re not doing ourselves any favors by doing so! Make sure you give each product time to settle in and then proceed to the next product.

I hope these tips on how to apply skin care products were helpful for you! Even though dermatologists chimed in on many of these skin care steps, there was still a lot of conflicting information floating around so these tips aren’t set in stone. Try these tips out and see what works best for you! Experts can offer us their help, but we’re all made in our own unique way so you might get better results switching some of these steps around! How do you like to layer your skin care?

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